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Panel & Fans Vote on Vikings Best of Special Teams from 2010-19

A new decade is upon us, as the Vikings have their sights set on 2020 and beyond. But before we fully turn to what's next, Vikings fans looked back at some of their favorite players from the previous decade.

Minnesota went 81-77-2in the seasons between 2010 and 2019, winning a pair of NFC North titles and making four total playoff appearances during the decade (2-4 in postseason play).

There isn't an All-Decade Team for the Minnesota Vikings, but if there was one, who would be on it for their play with the team between 2010-19? opened the topic for debate to a panel featuring "Voice of the Vikings" Paul Allen, analyst Pete Bercich, Mark Rosen and Kevin Seifert. Fans also were invited to vote online for their best players of the decade. More than 5,000 ballots were cast at each position.

As the final positional installment of this series, today's recap covers Minnesota's special teams, which encompasses kicker, punter and returners.

View images of the Vikings All-Decade Team special teams.


Ryan Longwell, 2010-11

Fan Vote: 2,635 of 5,381 total votes at K (49 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 32 games; made 39 of 46 field goals (84.8 percent) and 68 of 70 PATs (97.1 percent); averaged 62.9 yards per kickoff

Thoughts from the Panel

"He wasn't here for a long time, but for me, if I'm a coach or an organization, what I want more than anything is confidence and certainty that, 'When I send this guy out there, I know he's going to make it.' … Every time they sent Ryan Longwell out, I thought there was a pretty good chance he was going to make that field goal. To me, that certainty is something to be valued at that position." – Kevin Seifert


Dan Bailey, 2018-19

Fan Vote: 1,944 of 5,381 total votes at K (36 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 30 games; made 48 of 57 field goals (84.2 percent) and 70 of 75 PATs (93.3 percent); averaged 62.6 yards per kickoff

Thoughts from the Panel

"A year and a half – had it been a little longer, he's in the conversation. He made 22 consecutive to finish the season." – Paul Allen

Also received votes …

Blair Walsh, 2012-16

Stats from the Decade: 73 games; made 133 of 158 field goals (84.2 percent) and 156 of 165 PATs (94.5 percent); averaged 64.0 yards per kickoff

Thoughts from the Panel

"I think Blair Walsh should be considered the kicker of the decade. His season in 2015, he was 34 of 39; in 2012, he was 35 of 38, was an All-Pro. He had a couple of very, very good seasons. Strong leg. We remember him for the ones he didn't make, but the other part, too, every year … he hit one or two from 55, 54, so he had that range that some accurate kickers just don't have. … Blair Walsh had it all for two or three seasons." – Pete Bercich

Kai Forbath, 2016-17

Stats from the Decade: 23 games; made 47 of 53 field goals (88.7 percent) and 45 of 53 PATs (84.9 percent); averaged 63.1 yards per kickoff



Chris Kluwe, 2005-12

Fan Votes: 2,642 of 5,372 total votes at P (49 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 48 games; 232 punts for 10,323 yards (gross average of 44.5 yards per punt); zero blocked punts

Thoughts from the Panel

"When Kluwe left, you could make an argument for who was the best punter in Vikings history – Greg Coleman, Chris Kluwe – in terms of stats, in terms of consistency, in terms of longevity. He was just around for a long time. Almost a decade, a full 10 years, where he was punting at a very high level."

– Seifert

"I think Kluwe kind of is 'the guy.' Punters, they're often overlooked. But yeah, Kluwe had a leg on him. He was a very, very talented punter. I'm not sure what else I can say besides that." – Bercich

Britton Colquitt, 2019

Fan Votes: 1,636 of 5,372 total votes at P (30 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 16 games; 62 punts for 2,802 yards (gross average of 45.2 yards per punt); zero blocked punts

Also received votes…

Jeff Locke, 2013-16

Stats from the Decade: 64 games; 290 punts for 12,535 yards (gross average of 43.2 yards per punt); one punt blocked

Ryan Quigley, 2017

Stats from the Decade: 16 games; 71 punts for 2,994 yards (gross average of 42.2 yards per punt); zero punts blocked

Matt Wile, 2018

Stats from the Decade: 16 games; 72 punts for 3,255 yards (gross average of 45.2 yards per punt); one punt blocked



Cordarrelle Patterson, 2013-16

Fan Vote: 3,600 of 5,373 total votes at KR (67 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 64 games; 134 kickoff returns for 4,075 yards (average of 30.4 yards per return) and five touchdowns; long of 109

Thoughts from the Panel

"The Vikings last kick return touchdown was Cordarrelle Patterson in 2016 against Arizona. He's a Hall of Fame kick returner. I mean, there were five with the team, and then he leaves and has them. He's unbelievably good returning kicks. It's a cinch. It's Cordarrelle." – Allen

"Three-time All-Pro and 109 yards against Green Bay? He'll be my favorite Viking of all time." – Bercich

*Percy Harvin, 2009-12 *

Fan Vote: 1,773 of 5,373 total votes at KR (33 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 39 games; 72 kickoff returns for 2,027 yards (average of 28.2 yards per return) and three touchdowns; long of 105



Marcus Sherels, 2010-18; 2019

Fan Vote: 5,147 of 5,349 total votes at PR (96 percent)

Stats from the Decade: 123 games; 237 punt returns for 2,480 yards (average of 10.5 yards per return) and five touchdowns

Thoughts from the Panel

"You don't realize how much you need a good returner until something goes wrong. … Denny Green would always say, 'All that matters when that whistle blows is that it's our football.' And Marcus Sherels was one of the most sure-handed punt returners I have seen. He did exactly what he needed; he never took chances that he didn't need to take. He never tried to make something out of nothing and turn the football over. I think Marcus Sherels is my favorite punt returner of the decade." – Bercich

"He's the greatest punt returner in the history of Vikings football." – Allen

Also received votes …

Greg Camarillo, 2010-11

Stats from the Decade: 29 games; 39 punt returns for 359 yards (average of 9.2 yards per return)

Note: All of Camarillo's punt returns occurred in 2010.