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Panel & Fans Vote on Vikings Best WR from 2010-19

A new decade is upon us, as the Vikings have their sights set on 2020 and beyond. But before we fully turn to what's next, Vikings fans looked back at some of their favorite players from the previous decade.

Minnesota went 81-77-2in the seasons between 2010 and 2019, winning a pair of NFC North titles and making four total playoff appearances during the decade (2-4 in postseason play).

There isn't an All-Decade Team for the Minnesota Vikings, but if there was one, who would be on it for their play with the team between 2010-19? opened the topic for debate to a panel featuring "Voice of the Vikings" Paul Allen, analyst Pete Bercich, Mark Rosen and Kevin Seifert. Fans also were invited to vote online for their best players of the decade and choose up to three receivers. More than 5,000 ballots were cast.


Adam Thielen, 2014-present

Fan Vote: 5,250 votes

Stats from the Decade: 90 games (56 starts), 323 receptions for 4,315 yards (13.4 yards per catch) with 25 receiving touchdowns, 207 first downs recorded; 16 rushing attempts for 151 yards with a touchdown

Thoughts from the Panel

"There's no question that he sees [2019] as a disappointing year, but his body of work to get where we are now [is impressive]." — Pete Bercich

Stefon Diggs, 2015-present

Fan Vote: 5,130 votes

Stats from the Decade: 70 games (63 starts), 365 receptions for 4,623 yards (12.7 yards per catch) with 30 receiving touchdowns, 210 first downs recorded; 29 rushing attempts for 159 yards

Thoughts from the Panel

"I look at Stefon Diggs [in 2019] and his yards per catch went from 10 to a little over 17-plus. That's one of the top one-year jumps by average in the history of the NFL. His explosivity is part of that." — Pete Bercich

Percy Harvin, 2010-2012

Fan Vote: 3,713 votes

View images of the Vikings All-Decade Team candidates at wide receiver.

Stats from the Decade: 39 games (35 starts), 220 receptions for 2,512 yards (11.4 yards per catch) with 14 receiving touchdowns, 122 first downs recorded; 92 rushing attempts for 548 yards and four touchdowns; 72 kickoff returns for 2,027 yards (28.2 yards per return) with three touchdowns

Thoughts from the Panel

"We've all sat through a lot of minicamp practices where not a lot happens … I remember two minicamp practices my whole life, and one was with Percy Harvin. Even someone as dumb as me could look at him and see the athletic explosion that was different from everyone else around him. It was everyone else running in sand, compared to him. In terms of the pure skill level and what he did on the field, he was very unique." — Kevin Seifert

Also received votes…

Cordarrelle Patterson, 2013-16

Stats from the Decade: 64 games (22 starts), 132 receptions for 1,316 yards (10.0 yards per receptions) with seven receiving touchdowns, 63 first downs recorded; 31 rushes for 333 yards and four touchdowns; 134 kickoff returns for 4,075 yards (30.4 yards per kickoff return) and five touchdowns

Jarius Wright, 2012-2017

Stats from the Decade: 79 games (15 starts), 153 receptions for 2,039 yards (13.3 yards per catch) with 10 receiving touchdowns, 101 first downs recorded; eight rushes for 111 yards

Greg Jennings, 2010-2012

Stats from the Decade: 31 games (28 starts), 126 receptions for 1,546 yards (12.2 yards per catch) with 10 receiving touchdowns, 76 first downs recorded