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MVC Ambassador FAQ

The Minnesota Vikings are looking for outgoing, dedicated and passionate individuals to join the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Ambassadors for the upcoming season!  The MVC Ambassadors will play an important role in supporting suite visits, club visits and promotions at home games, engaging with fans and supporting various community outreach and charitable events associated with the Vikings. Physical fitness, public speaking, and a willingness to work as a team player are all important aspects of this role.


Q: What are the requirements to be a MVC Ambassador?

A: You must be a high school graduate as of June 2018.  

Q: Do you consider being an MVC Ambassador a full time job?

 A: No, this is a part-time job.

Q: Are there any age requirements?

 A: You must be 18 years of age by August 1st, 2018.

Q: Are there any height or weight requirements?

 A: No. We require that cheerleaders must be in good health and can meet the demands of the MVC uniform.  There are no specific height or weight requirements for tryouts.

Q: What is the difference between the MVC Dancers and MVC Ambassadors?

A: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are one team consisting of two roles-- Dancers and Ambassadors. The MVC Ambassador role will continue to broaden our presence on game day and in the community through the role of the MVC Ambassador. The MVC Ambassadors will attend all home games, visiting multiple Suites and Club areas at the U.S. Bank Stadium visiting in the Fan Zone, rallying on Medtronic Plaza, and available for more of the interaction and engagement fans love with the MVC!  

Ambassadors will need to be able to learn and perform simple pom motions and "hitting the crowd" - no dance/cheer experience is required. If you are outgoing, a terrific spokeswoman, a great role model, love the Minnesota Vikings and can confidently represent the MVC, then we want you! 

*Q: What's the time commitment like for MVC Ambassadors? *

A: The time commitment for this position will include all home games, a team work out on Tuesday evenings and team practice on Thursday evenings, appearances that vary - but are flexible in the scheduling, plus other team meetings/photoshoots, etc.


Q: If I am currently a high school senior, but will not graduate until June of this year, can I still audition?

 A: Yes, if you meet the age requirements.

Q: Are you required to have any cheer or dance experience to audition?

 A: No, it is not required, though most candidates typically have some performance experience.

Q: Will I keep the same audition number throughout the process?

 A: No. We will adjust numbers for each phase of competition.

Q: Do I have to be 18 to attend the prep classes?

 A: No. You must have a parent/guardian to sign your release/waiver, if you are under 18 years of age, although the prep classes will be closed to the public.  Minimum age is 16 years of age for the prep classes.

Q: How many people audition each year?

 A: The number of applicants varies from season to season. We usually host about 150 women at Open Auditions. Do not worry about numbers though!  Be confident and go for it!  We want to see YOU this year at tryouts!!  Attending the prep classes will help you feel more confident!

Q: What should I wear to auditions?

 A: Don't worry too much about your attire – just show up!  But, if you want to plan ahead, you should know that required attire for training camp is a crop top and hot pants or trunks in Vikings colors.  You could consider wearing this same option at Open Auditions.  The Line Up, our official costume sponsor, offers form fitting specialized dance attire in Vikings colors and in many one of a kind options on their online store -  Dance shoes and skin tone tights (non-shimmer) are suggested, but not required.  Wear what makes you feel confident!  It just needs to be form fitting.  Any color attire is fine for Open Auditions.  Come dressed to perform. There are no changing rooms available for use.  Bring a warm up jacket/pants to wear in between audition segments to keep warm.

Q: What should I bring with me to auditions?

 A: Bring a water bottle and a lunch/snack for the long day.  You will also need a non-returnable recent photograph of yourself to be used for identification, a performing resume, the non-refundable application processing fee of $25 and a photo ID.  You may wish to bring some personal items such as make-up and extra nylons – just in case.  It could be, and hopefully will be, a long day for you!

Q: Will you have any of the supplies for auditions at your prep classes?

 A: Yes, we will plan to have some minimal items available such as; tights, earrings, tryout apparel and more for purchase during the prep classes. First come, first serve.

Q: If I do not advance to the final auditions or training camp will my application be kept on file?

 A: No. Each person must re-apply and audition from year to year.  Also, no photos will be returned, so don't use a photo you cannot "part" with.

Q: If I am not selected as a training camp finalist, or if I am not selected for the team, may I call the MVC office to receive the judge's comments/scores?

 A: No. The judge's sheets are not kept on file and comments about your audition are not available. The judge's decision is final and confidential. Thank you for understanding. The waiver you sign will acknowledge this and release rights to any feedback.

Q: How can I best prepare to audition if I want to become a MVC Ambassador?

Attend our optional prep classes, led by the MVC coaching staff and alumni MVC, to learn more about the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders program. Be confident!  Visit and get caught up on the Vikings team information and activities. Follow the team on their social media platforms to stay connected with the MVC.

Q: How many spots will be available for the MVC Ambassadors?

 A: The number of team members varies from year to year. All returning veteran team members must still go through the audition process – except for the very first round at Open Auditions. Our Pro Bowl representative or incoming team captains may be waived from the audition process. This varies from year to year.

Q: Is it ok to audition if I have a tattoo or body piercing?

 A: Yes, however we do require them to be covered or removed during public appearances/games during the season.

Q: How do I get to the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, the team training facility?

A:  MINNESOTA VIKINGS - 668 O'Neill Drive, Eagan, MN 55121

**Pull into the employee parking lot off of O'Neill Drive. This will be on the left hand side. Then follow the sidewalk to the main entrance door. Security will be there to escort you into the building.

Q: Are the Prep Classes required to audition?

 A: No. The prep classes are optional, but if you are available and can make it we suggest you attend to feel most prepared.  We provide excellent preparation details for the upcoming audition.  Evaluations from past participants reveal they feel much more confident when they attend.  Material is taught by the MVC coaches, staff, alumni and sponsors.

Q: Are all portions of the audition process required?

 A: Yes. Your attendance is mandatory for fair scoring and consideration.  Following selection at open auditions, the mandatory sessions will include all training camp dates, interview, the team test and final auditions.

Q: What should I expect during the Open Auditions?

 A: MVC Ambassador candidates will attend Open Auditions on April 7th at Twins Cities Orthopedics Performance Center at 10:30 a.m.  Ambassadors will have alternative tryout stations that may include: personal introductions on the mic, photo shoot, on-camera audition, learning and performing a cheer and some movement, a quiz on team and football knowledge, etc.

After open auditions, Ambassador candidates will go on to compete in the business Interview, training camp and final auditions.  

 Q: What will the judges look for at Open Auditions?

 A: "The Whole Package"

- Personal Appearance (physical fitness level, poise, confidence, polished presentation, etc.)

 - Ability to move and "Hit the Crowd" – simple pom motions and dance movement.

 - Showmanship (smile, eye contact, projection of positive support for the team, positive body language, posture, etc.).

 - Personality (bright, outgoing, enthusiastic, professional, mature, responsible, a "team player", a strong desire to support the Vikings organization and the MVC, willing to accept and show improvements on constructive criticism, availability in schedule to meet team demands, etc.).

 - Enthusiasm (energy, hardworking, goal oriented, improvement focused, driven, exciting to be around, etc.).

- Confidence!

 *The judges will be looking for potential, not necessarily perfection!

Q: How should I wear my hair to auditions?

 A: We are proud to be sponsored by Spalon Montage. You might consider making an appointment for a consultation with one of their trained experts before auditions. They can make suggestions on how to style and wear your hair and/or make-up. Their staff helps to make the MVC beautiful!  Spalon has locations around the metro area to serve you.  Search online for the one closest to you at  We are looking for a hair style that is complimentary, has NFL glamour. If selected to the team, we will work to "establish your look" with the professionals!

Q: How should I wear my make-up for auditions?

 A: Color Science Mineral Cosmetics is our choice for make-up.  These products stay on flawlessly, even when you start to sweat. The colors are beautiful and great for your skin.  You can find these products online, at Expressions MD and at other fine retailers.  Visit to get more details.  The main thing is to wear your make-up in a manner that is flattering to your natural features, makes you feel confident and will stay in place for the long day at Open Auditions. More tips will be offered at our Prep Classes.


Q:  Are there any beauty "secrets" I should know about?

A: We visit Expressions MD Medical Spa throughout the season for products and services that help keep the team looking amazing. They offer everything from micro-dermabrasion facials to laser peels and chemical peels to facials and waxing. They carry only the best in skin care products. They also are offering the most advanced options in other medical spa treatments. Visit their website at or call to make an appointment. Make-up and a smile always look best on a face with great skin!

Q:  Who do the team members use to get their healthy glow?

A: Palm Beach Tan is our preferred partner for all of our tanning needs. Offering the latest and greatest in spray tan options and equipment for tanning beds. Choose your level of spray tan, the type of tanning that works best for your skin or allow one of their trained professionals to develop a plan for you. Visit for locations.

Q:  Does my head shot turned in at Open Auditions need to meet any requirements?

A:  This does not need to be a professional photo. It will be used for identifying applicants quickly for the judges during deliberations. You can make a professional photo shoot appointment if that will make you feel most confident to turn in your best image. The goal of the photo should be that it looks like YOU now.... and is large enough that we can see you clearly. Remember, you will not get this photo back.