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2021 audition applications are now closed. For more information on master classes please email:

Announcing 2021 MVC Auditions! Our preliminary round of auditions will be held virtually. Virtual applications as well as a one-time processing fee of $25 will be collected up front and will constitute a candidate's intent to audition. Only candidates who apply and submit the processing fee by July 5th will be eligible to receive the choreography link and participate in the first round of the audition process.

Because of the evolving NFL protocols and MN state mandates, the location for in person training camp and final auditions are still being finalized. Details will be disclosed to finalists.

2021-22 MVC Audition Timeline

JULY 5th | Audition Applications Due

Online audition applications will be submitted as an "intent to audition." A processing fee of $25 is also due at the time of application submission. Audition applications must be submitted no later than Monday, July 5th – 12:00pm CDT. Only candidates who apply will be eligible to receive the choreography link for the first round of the audition process.

JULY 6th | Virtual Audition Choreography Links

All eligible applicants will receive an email link with choreography and instructions on how to submit material for the first round of virtual auditions on Tuesday, July 6th – 9:00am CDT. Applicants will learn the choreography on their own and prepare personal audition videos.

JULY 11th | Virtual Audition Choreography Videos & Headshot Due

Candidates will submit their choreography and introduction videos to the designated site. (This information will be sent by email to eligible applicants) All videos will be evaluated by Minnesota Vikings staff/judges for accuracy of choreography, technical ability, skill level, style and showmanship. A headshot is also requested for identification purposes. Videos are due by Sunday, June 11th – 12:00pm CDT.

JULY 14th | Training Camp Finalists Announced

All candidates will receive an email whether they have been chosen to advance to Training camp or not by July 14th – 9:00am CDT. Training Camp is closed to the public. You must have qualified and been selected for Training Camp through the virtual audition process listed above. Training Camp Finalists will also be announced via MVC Social Media.

JULY 15th & 16th | Finalists Interviews

Finalists will take part in virtual interviews with MVC Coaches and additional judges.

JULY 20th, 21st, 22nd and 25th | Training Camp & Final Auditions

Training camp finalists will receive an email with more information as well as next steps. Finalists will need to learn additional choreography. Practice will be held 6:30-9:30pm. Training camp and Final Audition Locations will be held in person in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Final Auditions will potentially include performing training camp routines, new choreography, solos, technique/across the floor, football and team knowledge testing and group interviews. More details will be disclosed to finalists.

JULY 27th | 2021-2022 MVC Team Announcement

The 2021 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders will be announced via MVC Facebook and Instagram accounts. More details will be disclosed to finalists.

Audition Requirements

• Must be a high school graduate as of June 2021.

• If selected as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader, you must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated by August 13th. Certification of COVID-19 vaccination will be required.

• If selected, must reside or be willing to commute to the Minneapolis metro area for all rehearsals, appearances, games, etc.

• Must be able to attend rehearsals, games and other related activities. Practices are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

• Must have a valid passport.

• Must be able to show age verification and a diploma, as needed.

• Must provide a completed and signed application and a release/waiver.

• If selected to the team, a one-year contract and commitment are required, along with agreement to abide by rules and guidelines and the employee handbook.

• A $25 Processing Fee is due at the time of application submission. *Non-refundable.

Questions? Email:

What To Expect If You Are Selected As An MVC

• PRACTICES: Weekly practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:30 – 9:30 pm) and Sundays (5:30 – 9:30 PM). Practices will end when the football season ends. There may be other scheduled practices or events to prepare for special events or projects and may fall during the offseason. Advance notice of practice times will be provided.

• GAMES: Most games are scheduled at noon on Sundays. There may be games scheduled on a Sunday or on Monday, Thursday or Saturday night. There will be a minimum of 10 home games. In general, MVC do not perform at away games. 2021 game schedule here:

• PART-TIME: As a reminder, this is a part-time position and team members are paid for all their work. This includes rehearsals, game day, appearances, photoshoots, meetings, etc.

• APPEARANCES: Each MVC is expected to do appearances. We will work with you to find appearances that work with your schedule. We will follow applicable guidance for COVID-19 safety protocols when scheduling appearances.

• PERSONAL WORKOUTS, TECHNIQUE, STUDY and REVIEW TIME: To be a successful MVC you should maintain your own personal workouts and allocate time to prepare (practice technique, review routines, etc.) for performances.

• MVC PERKS: MVC perks will vary year to year, but typically include hair salon visits, tanning salon visits, health club membership, social events, travel, photo shoots, etc.

• ADDITIONAL EVENTS: (not guaranteed for all MVC) can include the following:

Team video and photoshoots

MVC Youth Programs

Military Base visits and tours (some may be overseas)

Regular appearances on TV and Game Day broadcasts

Community appearances

• ATTENDANCE: Attendance is very important. If you are selected as an MVC, then your team is counting on you to be present for practices, appearances and performances.