Vikings Voyage


The Vikings Voyage will be closed for a private party during the Vikings vs. Packers game on December 23rd from gates open to kickoff. The Vikings Voyage will open to all ticketed fans during the Vikings vs. Packers game on December 23rd from kickoff to the start of the fourth quarter.

The Vikings Voyage is a dramatic and interactive space inside U.S. Bank Stadium where the team's lore comes alive.

Fans can learn the history of the Minnesota Vikings featuring team memorabilia, inforgraphs and interactive displays. You can also grab a seat on the bench in a "larger-than-life experience" alongside Purple People Eaters Jim Marshall, Alan Page, Carl Eller and Gary Larsen in a sculpture cast from an iconic photo.

A ship hull with a projection screen that measures 27 feet wide will immerse fans into archived footage and modern video features. The Voyage also will include an NFL-first transparent OLED uniform interactive that will showcase changes in equipment and materials over the course of the franchise's history.

Fans will also have opportunities to run shuttle drills, test their vertical jumps, catch passes using a virtual reality device and crash into blocking pads that measures impact force to show their strength. Results are tracked with a silicon bracelet that fans can keep as a souvenir and measure up to family members, friends, other Vikings fans and the marks posted by players at the NFL Combine.

The Vikings Voyage is located above the Vikings Locker Room Team Store at U.S. Bank Stadium and is free to all ticketed fans during all Vikings home games. The Vikings Voyage is open when gates open to U.S. Bank Stadium, until the start of the 4th quarter.