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MVC Behind the Scenes: Program Coaches and Staff


MVC Program Coaching Staff 

Talented MVC Alumni now fill each coaching role for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, and their other programs including the MVC All Stars and the MVC Training Program.  18 passionate and driven women create the MVC Program Coaching Staff.

Leading the way is Tami Krause who is the Director of Women's Initiatives and Strategic Development as well as MVC Head Coach.  Tami has been the Head Coach of the MVC since the 1998 season, and this is her second season in the brand new role Director of Women's Initiatives and Strategic Development. Former Team Captain, Pro Bowl Representative, and Cover Model, Theresa Baugus has been our MVC Coach and Coordinator since 2006. Nikki Kill just completed her first season as MVC Co-Coach and Assistant Coordinator after leading the Junior Cheer Program and serving on the MVC Alumni Executive Committee.

Other dedicated MVC Staff include Lissa Diebold, Kimberly Dorn, Jessie Gentz, Melissa Glancy, Amy Mrozek, and Tiffany Roisum-Zeller.  These beautiful MVC Alumni are a huge help to the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and Coaches on game days.  They also help with social media and continuous behind the scenes tasks throughout the year.  Stephanie Baker and Laura Reed are the MVC Prep Class Coaches.  These two former MVC Team Captains have been leading Prep Classes since 2010 together. 

The MVC All Stars are made up of 4 elite teams of competitive youth dancers grades K-12.  Their coaching staff includes MVC Alumni Kristin Olson, Rhea Moen, Jessica Naber, Jeanne Hermes and Ashley Trudeau.  These 5 ladies have a combined 19 years experience on the MVC. 

The MVC Training Program is a team of high potential candidates for the future MVC who were hand selected by MVC Coaches and Staff as standout participants during the audition process.  Former MVC Captains Beth Hoffman and Jenna Conlin coach the MVC Training Program.  Beth has coached the Training Program since 2006, and Jenna just finished her first season as Training Program Coach.    

Each of these Coaches and Staff has lived the life of a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and most were leaders on the team including Captains, Cover Models, and Pro Bowl Cheerleaders.  These ladies keep the programs running smoothly, help pass on traditions of former MVC, and create an even bigger future for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and Programs.   

Skol Vikes!

Jessica- 2nd year

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