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Highlights from Vikings Appearances on NFL Network at Training Camp

EAGAN, Minn. — The spotlight was on **Verizon Vikings Training Camp** on Wednesday afternoon as NFL Network's 'Training Camp Live' set up shop at Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center.

Colleen Wolfe, Tom Pelissero and James Jones stopped by to watch walk-through and practice, and later chatted with various members of the Vikings.

While the focus was on the team going into the 2019 season, Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen said he prefers Minnesota to be under the radar around the league.

"That's how this league works. When things are good, everyone wants to say it's 'Super Bowl or bust' like you said," Thielen said. "But then you have one bad season and miss the playoffs by one game, and all the sudden you're the worst team in football.

"We're going to let everyone else talk about it and just come out here and work," Thielen said. "That's the mindset we've taken so far, and I feel like we've made a lot of progress because of that."

Added Diggs: "Flying under the radar and winning is the best spot to be in."

Vikings fans attend training camp practice in 2019 at TCO Performance Center to participate in fan activities and watch practice.

Here are other highlights from Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer and select players from the media tour:

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer on the closeness of his team

"I like the way they interact with one another. I like the way the locker room interacts. They come out here and they go hard, but they take care of each other. There was a play today where an offensive lineman … we were in a pass drill … he could have come and drilled the 3-technique [defensive tackle]. He hit him, but he didn't drill him, so he took care of him. The more we can do that and continue to get better with everybody … I told them today, 'When you come out to practice, figure out what you're going to get better at today.' Then the whole team will get better as well."

Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen on teammate Chad Beebe

"Everyone is going to find out really quick … I think if teams are going to key in on Diggs and I, then they're going to be in for a rude awakening. I think there's a few [young guys], but I think Beebe has stood out the most so far in camp. I think we're going to have to rely on him a lot this season.

Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs on his favorite route on 3rd down

"I can't give you that type of information," Diggs said with a laugh. "It whatever [Kirk] wants … I can win on all of them. Tell me what you want and I'm going to run it and do what it takes."

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins with a (tongue-in-cheek) story about Garrett Bradbury

"Garrett is the man. He's a great person, a great player, a great athlete … you can see why he went so high in the draft and how he can be a great player for us. One catch I have with Garrett is that he's a heavy sweater. I'm gripping the football every time I go back and the ball is soaking wet, and I can't grip it. I'm looking at the coaches saying, 'We've got to figure this out.' I'm asking the equipment staff to bring extra shorts out to practice so he can have a wardrobe change because the heavy sweating is tough."

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook on his mindset after injuries the past two seasons

"I definitely feel like me. I'm definitely more comfortable; it's all about having that in your mind and drilling it in your mind. Once you put it in your mind, your body is going to react to it. I'm out there being Dalvin again and having fun with the gang."