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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Tuesday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: When you look around the NFC, how do you view the position your team is in with four games to go?

A: Well, we just need to win. Win games and it will all take care of itself.

Q: Did you get any more clarity on Dalvin Cook's condition?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: How does he look?

A: Fine.

Q: Is there any level of concern with Dan Bailey missing that one PAT given the pressure of that kick last night?

A: No, I have all the confidence in the world in Dan (Bailey). He's kicked very well all year long and he wasn't the only one who made a mistake.

Q: What did you think of Kirk Cousin's final drive, especially that fourth down play?

A: Talking about the interception?

Q: No, the final fourth down play when you were down four points with three minutes remaining.

A: The only thing he probably could have done better was move until somebody got open. Got to make those quick decisions, and I think he played well. I'm really not concerned about that one play.

Q: Can you talk about the value of Rashod Hill being able to step in and what he was able to do last night?

A: Yeah, I thought he played well in the passing game. He's got to continue to do better in the running game. It's good to have him. He can play both sides. We need guys like that.

Q: With Seattle's fake punt in the fourth quarter, how much did the field position play a factor in catching you guys off guard?

A: Yeah, it shouldn't have. We'll fix that though, that's not going to happen again.

Q: Just in general with special teams, what do you want to see improve?

A: We need to get some return game going. We haven't done very good on that. And then obviously the fake punt wasn't very good. As far as the coverage units, they were okay.

Q: After looking at the tape, what did you see from Xavier Rhodes?

A: I saw improvement in quite a few areas. He had the one, we busted a coverage on the one, but the one curl that they caught we were in zone coverage, and actually he did a nice job on that. But he got beat on a stop-nine (route) one time, I think, and other than that I saw some improvement technically. Really with all the corners, I saw improvement last night in the secondary. We got to continue to get better in that area, but there was improvement and something to build on.

Q: You were complimentary of Kyle Rudolph early in the season for taking on a blocking role. What have you made of the way that he has stepped up when you've needed him in the red zone in the weeks Adam Thielen has been out?

A: Kyle (Rudolph) has had a good year. Obviously he's very reliable in the passing game, and he's been doing a much better job in the run game. He really does everything that we ask him to do, and it's good to see.

Q: What impressed you the most about Alexander Mattison and the affect that he had in the receiving game once Dalvin Cook left the game?

A: I thought he did a nice job in the screen (game), he had a couple really nice runs. He held on to the ball well. He's a hard running guy that continues to get better with understanding what we're trying to do offensively.