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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Saturday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Okay, we're excited to get in U.S. Bank Stadium on Monday night., get in front of our home crowd, go play hard and hopefully play really well and have a good night.

Q: What kind of runner is Mike Boone?

A: Mike's (Boone) a good runner. He's a good runner. He's got good acceleration, runs physical. He's tough.

Q: In terms of the way they played you in play action in Week 2 to take away some of the bootlegs, how much have you seen teams do that?

A: We see quite a bit. Everybody tries to stop what you do well. We've been seeing it a good amount.

Q: When you go back and watch the film from the first game, do you go back and watch the film and look at or are you guys a totally different team now?

A: I don't know totally different. I mean, I think we did some good things offensively in that ball game. I feel like we've gotten better throughout the course of the year. I think that as we've progressed throughout the season with the offense and all the new things, they've done a good job. Proof will be in the pudding Monday night.

Q: How much will you watch of the Los Angeles Rams game? How much does the outcome of that game change your mentality or game plan heading into Monday?

A: I'll probably watch it. It won't change too much. We like to win around here, so let's go win.

Q: You said at the end of last season that this team needs to get back to being nasty and playing with a chip on its shoulder. Do you feel that has happened and why?

A: Let's wait until after the season's over and then we'll talk about how I feel about that. I don't think this is the time to look back through everything. We've got a big game against Green Bay on Monday night. We're going to have to play really, really well, and we just need to focus on where we're at and where we're going right now.

Q: Can you get a sense for how an undrafted player's talent may translate when they play special teams and then get an opportunity?

A: I think that's an area that as guys progress, they start learning the special teams. There's quite a bit involved there as well. You see their athletic ability. You see them making plays. I think that leads to guys that end up becoming starters. We've got all kinds of guys, Eric Wilson, Anthony Harris, there's all kinds of guys, C.J. (Ham), a lot of these guys, that's kind of where they made their mark and typically it shows into them being a good full-time position player.