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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Okay, we're excited about the opportunity to go down to New Orleans and play a really good football team. Obviously, they have a lot of weapons offensively and they're very aggressive defensively. We'll have to go into a loud, hostile environment and play well and come out of there with a victory.

Q: With Mike Hughes going to injured/reserve, what are you expecting at that slot position and what's your confidence level there?

A: We will find a way.

Q: Did something happen to him in practice yesterday?

A: No.

Q: How did he get hurt?

A: Playing football.  

Q: Did Mackensie Alexander reinjure that knee in the Bears game or what happened there?

A: I don't know. Have to talk to Sug (Eric Sugarman).

Q: What's your level of concern being down those two defensive backs, Mackensie Alexander and Mike Hughes, as you're preparing to face Drew Brees?

A: I just said we'll find a way.

Q: Eric Kendricks was named to the AP First Team All-Pro. Seeing him develop as a linebacker over the years, how proud does that make you?

A: I didn't know that. Eric's (Kendricks) had a good year. He's a good kid, works real hard, has gotten better each and every year. We're happy for him.

Q: How rare do you think it is to be able to sign Marcus Sherels at this point in the season with the experience he has at punt return?

A: Yeah, he was close by, too, so that was good.

Q: What challenges does their offensive line present?

A: They're really good. (Ryan) Ramczyk's good. I like the young center, (Erik) McCoy, (Terron) Armstead. They do a good job. They run the zone scheme but they do a good job in protection. Sean's (Payton) always had a number of different protections that they run. They'll make sure that they're chipping some of our ends as well.

Q: With Eric Kendricks, did it seem like he was able to anticipate plays more this year?

A: They do a good job of studying and preparing as well. Eric has always been one of those guys, like he likes to say, "See ball, get ball." That's kind of how he's always been. Initially we had to kind of slow him down a little bit, but I think the more comfortable that he gets with where he's supposed to be and what he's supposed to do, then it allows him to play a little faster.

Q: When you're in an underdog situation like this, are you watching more film or what are you like during the week? Do you kind of thrive in this situation?

A: I don't know. Yeah, I watch a lot of film, but I do that every week. We'll just go out and we'll play good.