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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Okay, excited to go down to Dallas. It'll be a good test. They've got a heck of a football team, maybe the best guard in football in (Zack) Martin, got a heck of a running back. (Dak) Prescott is playing outstanding, good receiver crew. Defense plays extremely hard. Good on special teams so we're going to have to go play well to win.

Q: What's going on with Linval Joseph that has resulted in him being listed as out?

A: He's out.

Q: Is this a long-term thing?

A: He's out.

Q: How do you feel Shamar Stephen can handle the nose tackle duties?

A: Well, he won't be playing there, so I don't know how he'll handle it.

Q: How has Jaleel Johnson looked when he's played?

A: Good. He's done good.

Q: Overall, how do you feel Laquon Treadwell did last weekend? Are you optimistic that he can step up with a similar outing on Sunday?

A: I don't know. Every game is different. Every team is different. We'll just have to see how things go on Sunday. I really haven't looked back at the last game. We've been looking forward to Dallas the entire time.

Q: Is Adam Thielen week-to-week?

A: Week-to-week, yep.

Q: What did being around Super Bowl winners or stars early on in your career teach you about how to handle yourself as a coach?

A: I don't know. We had a lot of great players when I was there, good people, worked hard. Just be yourself, I guess.

Q: What was the thought process of picking up Andrew Sendejo?

A: We thought he could help us.

Q: How do you feel about losing a prospect like Marcus Epps?

A: Things happen all the time.

Q: In what ways has Jaleel Johnson improved?

A: He's much better playing the technique. Like I said before, he used to be a bull in a china shop and now he's playing the technique. He plays hard. He's been playing good all year long.

Q: How did you determine the nose tackle was a better fit for Jaleel Johnson?

A: If you look at just the ability, we tried him at both obviously, but I think it's just a better spot for him.