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Linval Joseph, Kyle Rudolph Check-in from #VikingHeritage Trip to Iceland


Vikings Linval Joseph, Kyle Rudolph and Danielle Hunter are touring Iceland on a #VikingHeritage goodwill trip.

The three players left for the island nation from the Twin Cities late Saturday and arrived Sunday morning. They are scheduled to return Wednesday.

Joseph and Rudolph managed to take a break from seeing dramatic landforms like waterfalls, cliffs, glaciers, hot springs and black sand beaches for phone interviews on KFAN 100.3-FM's "The Power Trip" on each of the past two mornings.

Joseph **called in Tuesday** while he was trying to fish for trout.

"It's cold, but it's fun," said Joseph as winds howled. "I'm on a river. It's raining, it's cold, but I'm determined to catch a fish before we leave."

When approached about making the trip, Joseph immediately pushed for Hunter to go as well. Joseph was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Hunter was born in Jamaica.

Instead of the Caribbean tropics with which they have more familiarity, Joseph and Hunter are just shy of the Arctic Circle.

Rudolph **joked on Monday** that he could zip his hoodie and wear jeans and boots and kind of blend in but that Joseph and Hunter "have no chance" of doing so.

When Rudolph called in, the group was in a cave near one of the black sand beaches being crashed by "massive waves."

Rudolph, Joseph and Hunter were scheduled to meet Thor Bjornsson, who stars as "The Mountain" on Game of Thrones, later Tuesday. Bjornsson appeared in a video during Week 2 of the 2016 season, when Minnesota defeated Green Bay in the first regular-season game at U.S. Bank Stadium, to help transfer the "Viking War Chant" to Minnesota as the "Vikings SKOL Chant."

At 6-foot-9, Bjornsson is one of a few humans on the planet who can tower over Joseph (6-4), Hunter (6-5) and Rudolph (6-6).

Rudolph, who is nicknamed "Big Country," said Bjornsson is "gonna make me feel really little."

Keep tabs on the travels by following @Vikings on Twitter or searching #VikingHeritage.

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