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Diggs Tries His (Sticky) Hand at Acting

Stefon Diggs is already known as a catch man, but now he's a pitch man.

The wide receiver partnered with GEICO for an entertaining ad that aired on national TV during the Eagles-Falcons game Thursday night.

He tweeted the commercial in two separate segments, the first showing two neighbors watching Diggs across the street, who is attempting to get his mail but struggling because "everything sticks to Stefon Diggs' hands."

There's a slapstick element to the ad, to be sure, as Diggs tears the mailbox off its post while trying to detach himself and then gets his hand stuck to the garbage bin.

"He plays football, huh?"

The commercial caps off with Diggs high-fiving a passing jogger who, you guessed it, gets stuck to the receiver.

A secondary clip follows Diggs attempting to make a bowl of cereal in his kitchen – and just like he does on the field, the receiver finds a way.

A number of people took to Twitter to comment on Diggs' television spots, including "Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen: "Holy cow our guy **@stefondiggs** just CRUSHED a national @GEICO commercial!!!! #DenzelDiggs"

One Vikings fan **suggested** that it's only a matter of time until Diggs hosts Saturday Night Live.

The star of the Minneapolis Miracle may have a future on television. But for now, Vikings fans will hope to see another standout performance from Diggs at U.S. Bank Stadium when Minnesota opens the 2018 season.