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Zimmer Addresses The Media On Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

*We're excited to get back to the University of Minnesota and play, get in front of our home fans. Hopefully they're nice and loud this week. They've got the no-huddle going so make it a little bit tougher for them offensively and it's a great division rivalry that really we're looking forward to playing. *

*Q: What did you see from the tape of your previous game against Green Bay? *

A: There are always good and bad when you watch the tape, there are good things and bad things. There are things that, obviously, we can do a lot better than what we did. I think any time, and I'm sure they feel the same way, any time you play somebody a second time you have some things that you would change up or you're going to change up and I'm sure they feel the same way.   

*Q: Will Sharrif Floyd play on Sunday? *

A: I don't know. We'll see. We don't know yet.   

*Q: What was going on with Matt Kalil today? *

A: He has really just some minor aggravation. I expect him to play. 

*Q: Is that his knee? *

A: He has a minor aggravation.  

Q: What's Matt Asiata's status?

A: Asiata will probably be out.    

Q: Did you keep an eye on Kyle Rudolph this week and his progression?

A: I did. I thought he had a better week of practice, yes.  

Q: How has Ben Tate III looked?

A: Good. He's catching on quick. He's got some explosiveness hitting the hole and obviously, he's a big body guy. He's done a good job in protection so far. We'll see how it goes.

Q: With Matt out do you expect Ben Tate III to contribute Sunday?

A: I don't know. We'll see.

Q: What makes it difficult to make Green Bay one dimensional on offense?

A: Well one of the things is that they're unconventional in the fact that they may come out and run it four times in a row or they may come out and throw it six times in a row. They keep you off balance that way. And their offensive line does a good job in both phases. Both of the backs are good backs, good cutback guys, good downhill run guys and then dealing with (Aaron) Rodgers is a separate issue. 

Q: Do you see a lot of defensive similarities from last week's game to when you played Green Bay the first time?

A: I think this is completely different, different game here.

Q: What has allowed the Green Bay defense to create so many turnovers and being able to score off the turnovers?

A: The big thing is they're doing a good job of using their athleticism to try to create mismatches. They've got a lot of talent in that front seven, but their back end is good too. It puts pressure on and they've had a lot of games where they've been up and able to play nickel against two tight ends and one back and two receivers, they're doing a lot unconventional things that way, defensively. Sometimes because the score has dictated that they can. They've got a super front. Linebackers are playing well. I think they're playing with a lot of confidence.

Q: Do you see any difference in the Packers at home versus on the road?

A: They've had a lot more close games on the road, and they've been very dominant at home. I think at home they play with a lot of confidence. I think the fans get behind them quite a bit, but each game is a different game. They scored a lot of points against Chicago on the road. They came back and won the game in Miami on the last play. Every week is different.

Q: Did Matt Kalil's aggravation happen today or yesterday?

A: It's been something that's been bothering him a little bit, and I just thought we'd give him a day off. He's had good work all week this week, just figured it would be best to give him a little extra day of rest before the game.

Q: What about Greg Jennings' status?

A: I anticipate he will be playing.

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