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What'd They Say: Titans Talk About Vikings

With no starting quarterback yet being named by the Vikings for their matchup with the Titans on Sunday, both of the quarterbacks in Minnesota Shaun Hill and Sam Bradford said on Wednesday they won't change the way they approach each practice either way.

The Titans coaching staff is approaching their plan for the Vikings offense in a similar fashion.

"We're not preparing any differently," Titans Head Coach Mike Mularkey said in a conference call with the Twin Cities media. "There's nothing we can do about it. We have a plan, either one that plays will fall under the plan, the attack that we have for that offense."

Mularkey, a former tight end with the Vikings (1983-88), says that both quarterbacks play with the same style in the pocket.

"It is a challenge, not like it's going to be where there's two completely different styles," Mularkey said. "That's one thing. I mean, really, their specialty is pocket passing. They can get out of the pocket. We've got video of them with the designed out-of-the pocket [plays], but that's not what they're there for. They're there to first hand it to [Adrian Peterson] and then second, off action like that, try to get balls down the field. It's not an extreme difference with what we're doing this week to be honest with you."

Here's what the Titans players and coaches said about the Vikings when they addressed the media this week:

Mularkey on Mike Zimmer's defense:

"(The defense is) very disciplined. Obviously, they've been playing together for a while, have got a veteran group, good depth. There's not a lot of guys out of place. You don't see a lot of breakdowns in communication, you don't see gap control problems. They're where they are supposed to be, very disciplined."

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota on facing the Vikings defense:

"I think they pose a lot of different looks," Mariota said in his conference call with the Twin Cities media. "They do a very good job of disguising their looks and having some counter plays off of it, so from that standpoint, we've really got to study up this week and make sure we understand that what we're seeing is maybe not what we're going to get in terms of coverages and fronts. We've just got to understand that we've got to come together, communicate as an offense and make sure we're all on the same page and do our best to execute."

Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo on preparing for the Vikings quarterbacks:

"Both are very similiar style quarterbacks," Orakpo told "We know what Sam Bradford has done in this league, and Shaun Hill is a veteran guy, so we'll see who's going to strap it up. As far as game preparation they have a similar style, a pocket-presence quarterback more concerned with getting the ball in the air rather than running on their feet."

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Titans linebacker Avery Williamson on facing Adrian Peterson:

"It will be a fun challenge, and I'm not going to shy away from the contact," Williamson told "We know that Sam Bradford isn't going to know the offense as well but we still gotta respect him. I feel like that's not going to change a thing though. We gotta focus on stopping No. 28, and then we'll get to the quarterback."

Titans safety Perrish Cox on preparing for the Vikings offense:

"As long as we just go out there and do what we do make our calls, be on the same page and fly around at full speed, I think we'll be OK," Cox said to "Me personally, I played Bradford in college. We came out together, and he's a good quarterback. Everyone's been talking about what he can be and what he can do, and we all know what he's capable of."

Mariota on different defenses trying to stop him from running out of the pocket:

"It kind of depends, week-in and week-out. There's always a version of a spy or some guy that's kind of keyed in on me in the pocket, which you get that week-in and week-out, it just depends on how you're going to combat that and how you're going to try to use that against them. For us, we're just really focused on what's going on down the field and try to take care of what's going on up front."

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