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What'd They Say: Seahawks Talk About the Vikings

A lot has changed since the Vikings saw the Seahawks last month, and Seattle is making a note of that heading into Sunday's Wild Card playoff game at the University of Minnesota.

The Seahawks won 38-7 on Dec. 6, but Minnesota has won three consecutive games and returned a number of injured starters since.

"We were fortunate the day we played them, that's not how they play," Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll told "I don't know that it can be like that. It's going to be much different than that I think."

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr and safety Harrison Smith both exited that game early in the first quarter and been key components in the Vikings NFC North division title run.

View photos of some of the key contributors on the Seattle Seahawks roster in preparation for Sunday's Wild Card playoff game.

"No question when you are missing three starters it will have an effect on any team," Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. "Those are some really solid players for them. They really missed (Harrison) Smith in the back end. He's really a ball hawk. He searches for the ball, has great ball skills, and plays from sideline to sideline.

"(Anthony) Barr is the leader of their linebackers core, so when you miss guys like that it has an impact on their defense."

Here's what else the Seahawks players and coaches said in the locker room and at the podium when they addressed the media this week:

Pete Carroll on Adrian Peterson's performance in Week 13:

"I don't think we kept him in check; they weren't able to run the ball a lot. There's not any misconception of what happened in that game to us at all. We think he's an incredible football player. They know how to give it to him and they're going to do that.

View images from the Thursday, Jan. 7 practice at Winter Park.

"That was a game that just happens once in a while. That was not an indication of anything that's going to come."

Carroll on the Vikings defense as of late:

"They've kept the score down throughout. If you look at their numbers, 17 points, 16 points, they've been right down low. They're fifth in the league in scoring, they're only a point behind the leaders in that regard, so they're a terrific defense."

Bevell on how well the Vikings are coached:

"I think Minnesota is coached really well. It's very hard. You aren't going to scheme them up and get guys just running free. They play their defense very soundly. There's always a guy on a guy, and they are not going to make mistakes.

Bevell on Zimmer's defense:

"I think the thing that makes it challenging is his pressure package. He does a great job with it. He walks guys up in the A gap, brings guys off of each side and just presents you with issues. They can play all different types of coverages out of it.

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman on if the Vikings have changed since Week 13:

"Honestly they haven't changed much. They are just going out there and executing. (Adrian Peterson) is going out there and running the ball hard. He led the league in rushing obviously. Teddy (Bridgewater) is doing a great job of putting them in a position to be successful."

Sherman on how he prepares for the Vikings:

"We wipe the slate clean week by week. It doesn't matter what we did last week, not to mention four or five weeks back. Yeah, we wipe the slate completely clean. We approach them like a brand new team."

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