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Vikings Launch New Instagram Program, The V.I.G.


The Minnesota Vikings are taking their Instagram show on the road.

The V.I.G. (Vikings Instagram Group) will feature new Instagram photographers based in cities where the Vikings travel for road games.

The goal? To provide fans a unique perspective on the area through the lens of a local photographer.

View exclusive images shot by the team photographer from the Dec. 11 game against Arizona.

The V.I.G. will also allow fans to experience the trip along with the team and see a side of the city and landscape that isn't usually shown.

With the team traveling to Phoenix for Thursday Night Football, we worked with local Instagrammer Donjay. (instagram: @donjay)

In addition to featuring outstanding work on his own account, Schraeder also heads up the city-wide group, @igersphx.

After each road game, we'll feature a Q&A with that week's V.I.G. contributor. 

Thanks so much to @donjay for helping us kick off the program. You set a very high bar.

Q: How long have you been shooting on Instagram and what got you into it?

A: I joined Instagram pretty early on, around February of 2011. The app immediately made sense to me because even before Instagram existed, I was always taking random photos with my phone. Now I had a place to share those random photos. Then, like a lot of folks, I just became addicted to the app the more I used it. It reignited my love for photography.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the platform?

A: The best part about Instagram is the community. Although on the surface Instagram seems to be just about photo sharing, there can also be a very personal aspect to that sharing. You're showing the rest of the world the same things you're seeing. It brings people together. I've made friends all over the world through Instagram, and I've had some pretty remarkable experiences…including being on the field at a Vikings game!

Q: What's the**@igerphx**group like and what do you guys try to cover?

A: We're pretty fortunate to have a very active Instagram community here in Phoenix – as well as all of Arizona. We get together regularly to have Instameets, where we'll meet up to take photos, have fun, and get to know one another. There's a strong sense of unity, and I think that helps fuel our collective creativity. You can check out the communities on Instagram at @igersphx & @instagramaz.

Q: How did everything go for you as the first-ever contributor to The V.I.G.? What was the most difficult part and what was your favorite aspect?

A: It was an absolutely amazing experience to be a contributor to The V.I.G. – let alone the first one! I never imagined I'd ever step foot on the field at an NFL game, but there I was snapping photos on the sideline. Truly awesome. The only difficult part was trying to take such an enormous and ever-changing scene and shrink it down to an image that makes sense on Instagram. Everything is larger than life – the players, the field, the stadium, the thousands of enthusiastic fans…it was definitely a challenge to put into a little square on a smartphone.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing some other Instagram influencers contribute in coming weeks/years?

A: I'm definitely looking forward to seeing other Instagrammers contribute to The V.I.G. Everyone has their own unique viewpoint, and it's always great to see creativity expressed in so many ways. It'll be fun to see how the next V.I.G. member interprets the game and their location.

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