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Vikings Instagram Group Visits New England

The Vikings Instagram group took over Boston to get set for the Vikings matchup on Sunday.

This Sunday, the Vikings are making a very rare trip east to Foxborough, Massachusetts to take on the Patriots. While New England encompasses six different states, Vikings Instagram Group took to Boston this week to showcase some local scenes.

Vikings Instagram Group is a collective of photos that shows the unique aspects of each city the team visits. In its third season, V.I.G. has a new collection of photographers who are excited to show off their cities. This year, we asked V.I.G. contributors to use two cleats in their shots, one for the Vikings and one for the respective opponent.

Boston is a city known for its rich history, many schools and, of course, seafood. We caught up with local creator Nadeen Abuhasan, who showed us her favorite hidden gems and what makes Boston special.

What's your Instagram handle? Tell us about what you like to shoot.

My Instagram handle is @Nartsyness. I consider myself a lifestyle content creator/blogger. I love to shoot anything and everything that captures my attention. Mostly this has consisted of architecture, style, food and the pretty little things along the way that go unseen/unnoticed.

In your own creative way, describe Boston in 5 words or fewer.

Energetic, Friendly, Home, Open & Supportive (education/healthcare/innovation etc).

Give us an explanation of what/where you photographed and why.

I started my photo journey in downtown Boston, where I walked past one of my favorite hidden nooks in the city, Brattle Bookshop. This bookshop is one of the oldest bookshops in the country, having been established in 1825 – there is just an insane amount of history in this city! Next, I found my way to stunning blue tiles in one of the many boutique coffee shops in the city, George Howell Coffee. Following this stop, I wandered about the Boston Common and the Public Garden. The reason I chose this route was because I felt like this route encompassed the heart of the city and truly represented what Boston is all about, a diverse culture of old and new that makes it all the more charming!

What's one place you would recommend going to while visiting Chicago?

You must visit the Public Garden. It's one of the oldest public parks in the U.S. and is very charming, no matter what the season is – just dress accordingly!

What was your favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram Group?

When presented with the opportunity, I was excited to show a fellow NFL team the beauty of Boston. I was born and raised here, and I couldn't be more excited to showcase some of my daily strolls in the city through the photos I took, whether it be walking through tiny streets to come across one of the oldest bookshops (Brattle Bookshop) or strolling through the Public Garden by the George Washington statue. While I do not consider myself a football fanatic, I have come to love and appreciate the game through family gatherings over great food, conversation and a fun game, regardless who is playing!

The Vikings and Patriots are set to kick off at 3:35 p.m. (CT) on Sunday. For more Vikings Instagram Group updates throughout the season, follow **@Vikings** and **#VikingsIG** on Instagram.