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Vikings Instagram Group Takes Over Chicago

View The Vikings Instagram Group's photos presented by PrimeSport of the Vikings helmet being showcased around Chicago prior to the Vikings Week 8 kickoff against the Bears Monday Night.

The Vikings Instagram Group is preparing the city of Chicago for the Vikings arrival to play the Bears on Monday Night Football.

The Vikings Instagram Group (The V.I.G.) worked with local photographer Matt Weitz to showcase some of the most scenic Chicago landmarks and along went the horned helmet.

Get to know more about the latest V.I.G. photographer and enjoy some of his work from the Windy City.

How did you get into photography originally?

I originally started taking pictures on my iPhone and would post them to social media. A friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, pushed me to get a camera. Once I did that, I caught the bug and just started taking pictures any chance I could get. 

Tell us about your current photography business and some of the projects you typically shoot.

My business mostly includes selling prints. I launched my website ( a few months ago and people contact me about pictures that they are interested in buying. My projects revolve around Chicago and the urban environment. One project I'm specifically proud of was working with Choose Chicago, the official tourism account of the city, where I had the chance to takeover their instagram account for a week and show some of my places.

You're Instagram account is tremendous. What do you enjoy about that platform in terms of showcasing your work?

Thank you! I enjoy being able to interact with people directly as well as the sense of community that Instagram brings. I've met some really great people and have been lucky enough to take part in some cool events because of this platform. 

What was the biggest challenge of shooting for the Vikings Instagram Group?

Honestly, just carrying the helmet from location to location and getting some flack from Bears fans.

Do you have a favorite shot in the Chicago V.I.G. Gallery?

Probably the one at the Bean. I went early in the morning when there is barely a crowd and it's a completely different vibe than going on a Saturday afternoon.

Have you checked out the work of some of the previous photographers? If so, do you enjoy seeing how other artists have tackled a similar project?

I have, and I was really impressed by what the other photographers have done. I liked seeing everyone's take on their city and used their pictures as an idea to frame my shots.

What do you think about the concept of the Vikings Instagram Group overall?

I think it's awesome. This is a great way for fans to see opposing cities while giving a photographer an opportunity to showcase their city. 

Past Contributors:

View The Vikings Instagram Group's photos presented by PrimeSport of the Vikings helmet being showcased around Philadelphia prior to the Vikings Week 7 kickoff against the Eagles Sunday (@SteveWeinik).

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