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Vikings Instagram Group takes on the Big Apple


By: Jacqui Collins

Week 7 takes the Vikings back to the east coast, this time to face the New York Jets. While the game will technically take place in New Jersey, Vikings Instagram Group took this opportunity to explore the largest city in the U.S., New York City.

Vikings Instagram Group is a collective of photos that show the unique aspects of each city the team visits. In its third season, V.I.G. has a new collection of photographers who are excited to show off their cities. This year, we asked V.I.G. contributors to use two cleats in their shots, one for the Vikings and one for the respective opponent.

New York City is famous for the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, tourist attractions like Times Square, Broadway and Central Park as well as the tall skyscrapers that compose the skyline. This week for V.I.G., Christopher Downey, a New Jersey/NYC based photographer, showcased some parts of the city that you might not see on TV or in the movies.

The Vikings Instagram group took over New York to get set for the Vikings matchup on Sunday.

What's your Instagram handle? Tell us about what you like to shoot.

My Instagram handle is **@cdowney11**. The majority of what I have been shooting lately is split between the streets of New York City and the different aspects of life on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

In your own creative way, describe New York in 5 words or fewer.

Diverse and constantly changing

Give us an explanation of what/where you photographed and why.

I tried to represent the diversity of the neighborhoods in New York City, which included Times Square, Chelsea, Tribeca, SoHo and Greenwich Village. Each neighborhood is so different from the next that you can't help but notice how much everything changes – from the architecture to the people on the street and even the vibe of the neighborhood, [the atmosphere] is drastically different.

What's one place you would recommend going to while visiting New York?

Hudson River Park, which resides along the west side of Manhattan. It is the longest waterfront park in the United States and includes a bike path that will allow visitors to traverse the length of New York City and provide access to a unique view of New York and all of the major sites of the city.

What was your favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram group?

Having the opportunity to show everyone not from the area that there is so much more to New York than the basic landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center.

The Vikings are set to face off against the Jets at noon (CT) this Sunday, Oct. 21.

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