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Vikings Instagram Group Returns to Philadelphia


By: Jacqui Collins

Week 5 brings the Vikings back to a familiar location.

In January, the Vikings traveled to Philadelphia to face the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. This week, the team returns to the City of Brotherly Love in hopes of some redemption on the field and the Vikings Instagram group is back in Philly to showcase different parts of the city.

Vikings Instagram Group is a collective of photos that show the unique aspects of each city the team visits. In its third season, V.I.G. has a new collection of photographers who are excited to show off their cities. This year, we asked V.I.G. contributors to use two cleats in their shots, one for the Vikings and one for the respective opponent.

We caught up with Hayden Allison, a Philadelphia-based photographer who specializes in portraits, cityscapes and nighttime photography. Last season, V.I.G. featured some of the famous landmarks of Philadelphia, but Hayden's photos showcase a different part of the city.

The Vikings Instagram group took over Philadelphia to get set for the Vikings matchup on Sunday.

What's your Instagram handle? Tell us about what you like to shoot.

My Instagram handle is **@pennwyst**. I like to shoot nighttime urban cityscapes, portraits and street photography.

In your own creative way, describe Philadelphia in 5 words or fewer.

Proudly and loudly quaint.

Give us an explanation of what/where you photographed and why.

I photographed along the Schuylkill River Trail, atop Cira Green and around Spruce Street. I think The Schuylkill Trail is a great example of what Philly can be/where it is headed. Even late at night, there are still tons of people out doing all sorts of things. It's incredibly beautiful with a breadth of different types of scenery to take in. It's where I'm most comfortable.

What's one place you would recommend going to while visiting Philadelphia?

Cira Green is a great spot to visit that I think gets overlooked. It's a really awesome bit of greenery on top of a parking garage in West Philly along the river that has a fantastic view of the skyline.

What was your favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram group?

I love that I get to portray the city that I love in the way it looks to me. There are a million angles to view this place from, I'm thrilled to share mine with people who maybe have never seen it before.

The Vikings and Eagles are set to square off on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 3:25 p.m. (CT).

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