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Vikings Instagram Group Heads Across the Pond for London Experience

The Vikings Instagram Group presented by PrimeSport is already across the pond in London.

This week's road game is unlike any other game on the Vikings schedule this year. The team is packing its luggage and heading for London to play against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Oct. 29. Minnesota played Pittsburgh in London during the 2013 regular season, and the Vikings also have played in **four international exhibition games**.

London is the capital of England and is known for its famous landmarks and tourist destinations, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Tower Bridge and the London Underground. This weekend, one of the biggest destinations for locals will be the game held just 11 miles outside of the city at Twickenham Stadium. The venue that is the home of England Rugby hosted  its first National Football League last year (Giants 17, Rams 10) and its second last week (Rams 33, Cardinals 0).

Taking into consideration the time difference, kickoff between the Vikings and Browns is set for Sunday at 8:30 a.m. (CT). While football is the main focus for Vikings Head Coach Zimmer and his team, we've set out to share some of the most spectacular sights around the city by way of Vikings Instagram Group. This week, we partnered with local photographer Michael Tomas from **London Viewpoints** to give fans a peek of the town.

Q: What is your Instagram handle? What can people expect to see when they follow you?

A:My Instagram handle is **@LondonViewpoints**. I share photos and videos of the best views in and around London, including recommendation tips for tourists visiting the city. Occasional travel and architecture also sneaks into my feed.

Q: As a team, we don't get across the pond too often. Tell us one thing we should do (or a place we should visit) while we're in the city.

A:You'll love London; I always recommend to first get your bearing around the city. The best way to do that is to get to an elevated point in the city to then plan where you'd like to go next – so the most ideal for this is the viewing gallery in the Shard, being the highest public viewing gallery in London. I would also recommend visiting the top of St. Paul's Cathedral, as the view together with the experience of visiting the cathedral is unforgettable.

Q: In your own creative way, describe London in five words or fewer.

A:Magnetic city of dreams.

Q: Food is such an important part of local culture. Tell us about some of the most popular food items in London. What should we try first?

A:Egg benedict for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch in Shoreditch and bagels on Brick Lane.

Q: Soccer and rugby are such popular sports in Europe, but American football is growing globally. Do you personally identify as a football fan? What do you enjoy about the sport?

A:Sports, and especially football, is an event that brings communities together; everyone cheers and has a great day out, regardless of the result. I've never experienced an NFL game in real life, but from the excitement I saw on TV, I'm looking forward to attending the game here in London.

Q: Tell us about where you took your photos and why.

A: I wanted to take the Vikings helmet on a tour of the most iconic landmarks in London: Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge. London is evolving architecturally, yet these icons still are the most sought-after places everyone wants to see, so I took it upon myself to show them and the Vikings helmet in a new, creative way.

For more Vikings Instagram Group updates throughout the season, follow **@Vikings** and **#VikingsIG** on Instagram.

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