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Vikings Instagram Group Focuses On Philadelphia

The Vikings Instagram group was in Philadelphia before Minnesota's NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Excitement continues to build as the Vikings prepare to face the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday in Philadelphia. Minnesota earned itself a bye week and a home playoff game after clinching the division against the Bengals, beating the Packers at Lambeau Field and capping off the regular season with home victory against the Chicago Bears on New Year's Eve day at U.S. Bank Stadium. Now, the road to Bring It Home for the Super Bowl runs directly through Lincoln Financial Field. After a **miraculous victory against the New Orleans Saints** on Sunday night, fans are eager to cheer the team on for yet another high-stakes game. 

While the team practices and prepares, traveling Vikings fans have been doing some preparations of their own. To help showcase the city of Philadelphia and show fans a few sights, we teamed up with Steve Weinik, a Philadelphia native, for this week's edition of Vikings Instagram Group. You may recognize **some of his shots from last year’s Vikings Instagram Group** visit to Philly.

Q: What is your Instagram handle? Tell us more about what you like to shoot.

A: My Instagram handle is **@steveweinik**. Most of my work is with Mural Arts Philadelphia, the largest public art program in the United States. My Instagram feed is a mix of public art, street scenes, architecture and anything else that catches my eye!

Q: In your own creative way, describe Philadelphia in five words or fewer.

A: Passionate. Beautiful. Surprising. Strange, and (a little) ridiculous.

Q: This is your second time contributing to Vikings Instagram Group. What makes this year different compared to last year?

A: The season (in football and weather) was dramatically different last time around. Last year while taking the helmet around town, I got teased a little. This year I was worried someone would throw their coffee at me from their car window! The NFC Championship game has higher stakes than the 2016 regular-season October game during a rebuilding season. Passion is definitely higher this time around. Also, it's the dead of winter. When I first worked with Vikings Instagram Group, we were right in the midst of a colorful autumn. The landscape and shots this time around are quite a bit different.

Q: Tell us more about the locations you took photos at. Why did you choose them? What makes them special?

A: Philadelphia is the most beautiful East Coast city. I wanted to show off some of our park space and the natural beauty of the city. There's a photo of icicles on the city's native bedrock and icebergs in the Delaware River. I added some grittiness with the ships at the Navy Yard and some beauty with sunsets in Fairmount Park. I also wanted to hit some iconic spots that I didn't shoot last year, like the Thinker and the Rocky statue. Believe it or not, I still haven't done the Liberty Bell! Maybe I'll get that in [next year]. 

Q: The city is known for great food like the Philly cheesesteak; where can fans go to get the best cheesesteak in town?

A: Here's a secret! The best cheesesteak is at John's Roast Pork in South Philly, and it's truly amazing. Be sure to order the Roast Pork sandwich and get it with greens and horseradish if you can. Large roll only, and share it if you have to. That order is sandwich perfection in Philadelphia… or anywhere!

The game against the Philadelphia Eagles is gaining national attention. Vikings fans know that only one game stands between the Vikings and making history by playing a Super Bowl at home. Be sure to catch the NFC Championship game, which will kick off at 5:40 p.m. (CT) Sunday on FOX, as the Minnesota Vikings look to Bring It Home for another week.

Check out more of the team's travels by following **@Vikings** and **#VikingsIG** on Instagram.

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