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Vikings Instagram Group Features Seattle Sights

The Vikings Instagram Group presented by PrimeSport is back in Seattle as the Vikings are set to take on the Seahawks in preseason game number 2 on Friday night.

Midwest meets Pacific Northwest this week as the Minnesota Vikings fly westward to Seattle for the second and final preseason road game of the year. Seattle is nestled comfortably between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and contains breathtaking scenery from cityscapes to mountain skylines. It was the perfect backdrop for Matt McDonald of Equal Motion to snap a few photos for Vikings Instagram Group this week.

If you haven't heard of Vikings Instagram Group, the goal of the club is to showcase the most unique qualities of the team's road-game stops through the use of photography. The catch? V.I.G. representatives were asked to use a Vikings helmet, of course. This year's schedule includes cities such as London, Atlanta and Pittsburgh. 

Kickoff between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks is set for Friday night at 9:00 p.m. (CT). In preparation, the team caught up with McDonald to hear more about his experience and his love for the city of Seattle:

What's your Instagram handle? Tell us more about what you like to shoot.

My Instagram handle is @equalmotion, and I tend to shoot scenes of Seattle, a mix of portraits, events and action/sports photography.

In your own creative way, describe Seattle in 5 words or fewer.

"Extremely hydrated with epic scenery"

Give us an explanation of what you photographed in Seattle and why.

I tried to hit the most aesthetically pleasing spots with skylines that give you a sense of place in Seattle.

• The Black Hole Sun sculpture in Volunteer Park is what gave the name to the classic Soundgarden song, "Black Hole Sun."

• Kerry Park is the interesting vantage point of Seattle where it appears the Space Needle is the largest building in the city.

• T-dock at Madison Beach is one of my favorite spots to go swimming in Lake Washington.

• Views from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where I live, feature the Space Needle and Columbia Tower.

• Sailboats passing by Gas Works Park

• The Seattle Waterfront and the Great Wheel

• Pike Place Market and the Market Theater Gum Wall

Have you ever been to Minnesota? If so, where? If not, do you plan to visit someday?

I stopped in Minnesota briefly at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport while flying to the East Coast years ago. I would love to actually visit and explore the area, though – check out the Great Lakes and catch a Minnesota Timberwolves or Vikings game. Ever since the Sonics left, I have been rooting for the Wolves, and it would be great to watch them live. 

What was your favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram Group?

I love football and showing friends from out of town around Seattle, so it was a fun project. I get to show all of the Vikings fans out there parts of Seattle they may never get a chance to see [in person]. It was also pretty funny to have people yelling, "Go Hawks" at nearly every location I went with the helmet. I did explain to them I am still a Seahawks fan first and foremost, but after this opportunity, the Vikings are now my second-favorite team. 

For more Vikings Instagram Group updates throughout the season, follow @Vikings and #VikingsIG on Instagram.

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