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Vikings Instagram Group Features Los Angeles Lights


By: Jacqui Collins

For the second road game of the 2018 season, the Vikings traveled west to Los Angeles, California to face the Rams in the historic LA Memorial Coliseum. The Thursday Night Football game will mark the first time the Vikings have played in the City of Angels since 1993.

Vikings Instagram Group is a collective of photos that showcase the unique aspects of each city the team visits. In its third season, V.I.G. has a new collection of photographers who are excited to show off their cities. This year, we asked V.I.G. contributors to use two cleats in their shots, one for the Vikings and one for the respective opponent.

This week features John Logic, a local photographer who focuses on neon lighting and urban photography. Los Angeles is a city known for its sunshine, beaches and the Hollywood walk of fame, but John decided to showcase a different part of the city, taking us to some local spots in the city that aren't always featured. We caught up with John to ask about the photos he took for V.I.G.

What's your Instagram handle? Tell us about what you like to shoot.

My Instagram handle is @john.logic. I enjoy shooting night shots & urban locations. I'm a big fan of sci-fi & action movies, so I try my best to incorporate that into my work.

In your own creative way, describe Los Angeles in 5 words or fewer.

High Rent, Traffic, Awesome People.

Give us an explanation of what/where you photographed and why.

The theme for my shots is centered around elements. For example – the shots with nature represent earth & air. While on the other hand, the neon photos represent fire & water, since they are a mix of red and blue.

Photo locations include Vista Hermosa National Park, Pershing Square Station, Downtown LA and the Los Angeles Public Library.

What was your favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram group?

My favorite part about contributing to the Vikings Instagram Group was having full creative control. Typically, when working with other companies, there are certain guidelines to follow – which can be helpful. But being able to "take the wheel" and go in my own direction feels so fitting. I thank the Vikings IG Group for being so cooperative and easy to work with.

Kickoff between the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams is set for 7:20 p.m. (CT) on Thursday, Sept. 27.

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