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Vikings Instagram Group Documents Trip to Carolina

View The Vikings Instagram Group's photos presented by PrimeSport of the Vikings helmet being showcased around Carolina prior to the Vikings Week 3 kickoff against the Panthers Sunday.

The Vikings Instagram Group switched things up on it's trip to North Carolina.

Local photographer, Paul Boskovich isn't on Instagram. He's not only a photographer, but also shoots and edits videos for his wide variety of clients.

A resident of Waxhaw, North Carolina, Boskovich provided some outstanding imagery of both rural and urban life in his home state.

Enjoy this Q&A with Boskovich and view his work in our gallery.

What was your reaction to being asked to be a part of the Vikings Instagram Group in North Carolina?

It was very exciting to be asked to photograph for the Vikings Instagram Group in North Carolina. I grew up on the NFL, and I love that I get to represent the Minnesota Vikings for this project. Also, I get to show off my new hometown here in Carolina, which is extremely photogenic, as you can see. 

How did you originally get in to photography?

I got into photography when I was about 10. My grandfather had a darkroom; we took pictures together and he taught me how to develop. My passion for photography started then, and it has never gone away.

Tell us about your business and some of the different types of events that you shoot.

I am both a photographer and videographer with a very diverse clientele. I shoot everything from corporate events, weddings, sporting events, portraits, small business videos, product photography, music videos and more. It's all amazing, and I am so blessed that I get do what I love for a career.

What was the most difficult part of shooting this week?

The most difficult part of the shoot was deciding what to shoot. The Carolinas have so much to offer and showcase, and I wanted to show how diverse it is. From the metropolitan downtown, to historic small towns, to the beautiful countryside, it is just a beautiful region to shoot. 

Were there some shots that stood out to you as your favorites?

Some of the shots that stand out the most for me are the nighttime shots of Uptown Charlotte and some of the images at Twelve Mile Creek. Both are some of my favorite places to enjoy life with my family.

Will you be following the V.I.G. throughout the rest of the season to see what other photographers come up with?

I will definitely be following the Vikings Instagram Group for the rest of the season. The Vikings are working with creative photographers all across the country, and I will really enjoy seeing how others in my industry portray their city as the Vikings come to town.

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View The Vikings Instagram Group's photos presented by PrimeSport of the Vikings helmet being showcased around Nashville prior to the Vikings 2016 kickoff against the Titans Sunday. (Stuart Deming)

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