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Vikings Camp Three-cap Day 9: Snaps for Adrian Peterson?

MANKATO, Minn. — Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen and former linebacker and analyst Ben Leber hosted Adrian Peterson Tuesday morning during the 9 to Noon show on KFAN, a day after he **signed and signed and signed** autographs for fans.

The full interview is available **here**, but there were multiple interesting aspects during the conversation, but we'll highlight three in an "All Day" version of camp three-cap.


The interview concluded with Allen asking if Peterson would not be carrying the ball in the preseason, and Peterson said, 'Yes, that's the plan."

But how will Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner involve Turner and other running backs in the game plan?

"We're a long ways away from that, but guys who know my experience and guys who know my background, if you have a guy like Adrian, he gets the bulk of the carries," Turner said. "If he needs a break, you go in. And so the other guy might get four or five carries in a game, some games he may get none."

A follow-up question asked if Turner will prefer to rotate based on downs or series.  

"Like I said, I've been in games where we've called 12 straight runs and one guy got all carries. So it just depends on the game and the situation," Turner said. "A guy breaks off a 40-yard run and you want to give him a break, you put someone in for a play. And then the situation dictates it. There are certain things on third down that other guys do better, then we can utilize them."


Much has been hypothesized on how the proven deep threat provided by Mike Wallace and speed of Vikings receivers could reduce the number of defenders "loading up the box" to try to stop the run.

Leber asked if Peterson still prefers seeing eight- or nine-man boxes, which is a tactic can limit most backs or lead an offense to be more pass prevalent.

"I haven't actually played a full season in the offense, but I've always been a fan of having a crowded box because once you get past the first line and second line, it's pretty much off to the races," Peterson said.

He would know, with the NFL record of 12 rushing touchdowns of 60 or more yards.


Peterson told Allen and Leber it was tough to watch 15 Vikings games from home last season and feel "like there's nothing I can do to help these guys, especially during games they struggled." He did, however, noticed a patience in the running styles of Matt Asiata and Jerick McKinnon in games that was greater than his.

Peterson also has been watching practice film to evaluate himself.

"One thing I've been doing during training camp is being patient," Peterson said, "and that's hard for me to do, but I've been able to watch on film and see how me working to be patient, things are opening more, so I feel like we can still be productive either way.

"I still battle that because it's just the way I play the game, with being explosive and getting there," Peterson continued. "As I look and watch film and see myself being patient, I'm still able to get back to those cuts. It feels a little different. When I'm out there, it feels like I'm going through the motions and don't feel as explosive, but when I watch it on film, I'm just as explosive."

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