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Vikings Athletic Trainer Discusses Combine Medical Evaluations

INDIANAPOLIS — At a week-long event that features numerous on-field drills and intense interviews with NFL general managers, it might sound strange that many players often refer to the medical evaluation as the most "grueling" part of the whole process. 

"Most people see the made-for-TV part of the combine. Well, a lot of things happen before that," Vikings Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman said during an exclusive tour of the NFL Scouting Combine medical evaluation rooms.

While most fans gravitate toward the televised drills at Lucas Oil Stadium, the medical tests are not only extremely arduous for the players, they're arguably the most valuable for clubs.

"The teams, all 32 of them, are about to invest a lot of money in a lot of these guys," Sugarman said. "You want to know everything you can about these guys. We have to really analyze these players and make sure we know what we're getting."

View the full tour above. We'll be featuring more about the medical evaluations and all key aspects of the combine in a longform article coming soon on

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