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Vikes Life Episode 104: From Super Cold to Super Bowl

Cozy up with a warm cup of coffee and thaw out with this week's episode of Vikes Life! Alexa is back from the Pro Bowl in Orlando and the crew reflects on some of their favorite Super Bowl memories. Follow along with this blog post to keep up!

Pro Bowl

Alexa spent some time in Orlando for the 2019 Pro Bowl featuring four Vikings players: Danielle Hunter, Adam Thielen, Harrison Smith and Anthony Barr. In case you missed it, Adam Thielen was pretty much the star of the Skills Challenge.

Skol Social

Weatherman Kevin: Unless you've been on a tropical vacation this week, you know that Minnesota's weather has been at an extreme. Long snapper Kevin McDermott took to Twitter this Wednesday to share his thoughts on the matter.

Never too Cold: We all know "that guy" who never dresses appropriately for the weather.

Skol Chant Ceremonies: What's the best way to celebrate a new marriage between two Vikings fans? The Skol chant, of course! New bride Samantha Knothe shared this video of her and her new husband leading their guests in the Skol chant. Check out the guy in the front flapping his wings.

Saturday Night Fran: Way back in season 2 of Saturday Night Live, former Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton was the host of the show. A Reddit user shared the clip from 1977 to remind us just how cool Fran Tarkenton really is. Check out the clip on NBC's website HERE.

Past and Present: Speaking of Fran, Kirk Cousins recently met the Vikings legend and posted a picture of the two of them together.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl isn't just the biggest stage in football, it's also a cultural event that brings people together. It's all about the food, friends, commercials and of course, the half-time performance.

Alexa asked on social media what people's favorite halftime performances were. Top answers included Prince, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Prince's performance at Super Bowl XLI is a Minnesota fan favorite. The performance was even more iconic in the (purple) rain.

Another iconic Minnesota moment was from Super Bowl XXVI at the Metrodome in 1992. The halftime show was "Winter Magic" themed with performances from Gloria Estefan and the Minnesota Marching Band, among others.

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl moment, commercial or must-have snack? Send it to us using #VikesLife on social media! Thanks for tuning in, Skol!