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U.S. Bank Stadium News & Notes - July 17, 2015

Earlier this month, crews continued work on both the roof installation and the north side curtain wall in preparation for the glass being put in place.

U.S. Bank Stadium Reaches 65 Percent Completion Mark

With nearly one year left until the completion of U.S. Bank Stadium, construction on the largest project in Minnesota history has reached the 65 percent mark. By the end of the month, almost $550 million dollars worth of work will have been installed by the nearly 1,200 workers that are onsite daily. Those workers have put in more than 1.6 million work hours; all told, the project is expected to surpass 4 million construction work hours.

As part of the current construction process, the entire west wall of the project will be shaped by the installation of vertical columns and box beam trusses in the coming weeks. The exterior metal panels that form the east elevation of the building will be completed by the end of the month. Inside the building, work on concessions, bathrooms and club spaces in the lower bowl are picking up at a rapid pace.

Roof Ridge Truss at U.S. Bank Stadium Officially "De-centered"; Final Two Queens Post Trusses Installed by the End of the Month

Although the green shoring towers that are used to support the east-west ridge truss at U.S. Bank Stadium are still in place, the truss has officially "de-centered". Earlier this month, the shore jacks from under the ridge truss were removed to allow the truss to support its own weight by relying on the support from the foundation and other parts of the structure. Mortenson reps said the ridge truss dropped five inches when the de-centering took place, which was normal and expected.

The large 1,250 ton crane – the 3rd-largest in the world that has been on the site since last June – will be dismantled and shipped out by the end of this month. This is possible because the final two queens post trusses will be erected and set by the end of the month. Workers will need two weeks to disassemble the crane, which arrived in 70 truckloads 14 months ago.

Vikings Increase Team Contribution for Colored Bowl Glow Lights

The Vikings have added nearly $700,000 more to the team contribution to the overall project budget for additional items, including colored bowl glow lights. The colored bowl glow lights will illuminate the interior in various colors while events are not taking place. The colors will glow through the ETFE and clerestory glass to showcase the stadium even when not in use. 

Wi-Fi Hotspots Highlight Fan Amenities You Might Not Know About

There will be numerous Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout U.S. Bank Stadium to keep you connected while attending the various events the stadium will host. KFAN's A.J. Mansour looked at 12 fan amenities that will be highlighted in U.S. Bank Stadium that you might not have heard about throughout the construction process.

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