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U.S. Bank Stadium Legacy Brick Vikings Fan Testimonials

Vikings fans have shared personal and powerful reasons for honoring loved ones with commemorative pavers that will be featured in the Legacy Ship on the Medtronic Plaza on the west end of U.S. Bank Stadium.

Here are a few of our favorites from Vikings fans:

Heidi Cameron, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

I bought a brick in memory of my late husband. A war veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and sadly lost his life on June 7, 2015, leaving behind his three young daughters and his wife.  Sundays became our days as a family. We would all wear purple and gold and watch football. It was his favorite thing to do, and the only time he was really happy. He taught me how to love the game and sadly he passed away before this season started. So every Sunday, we wear our purple and gold as we watch the game, and though it`s a little different, we can still feel him here.


Kenneth T. Griggs, Burbank, California

Last year my grandma passed away from bone cancer, and she was a longtime Vikings fan (born and raised in Minnesota) and helped me become the fan I am today. When she was sick, I Tweeted out to Cris Carter. Cris was her favorite Viking, and she always had a crush on him. To my humbled surprise, he Tweeted back that he was praying for her. She held on for four more days, and I believe that the extra prayer helped in some ways. 

Fast forward to around Thanksgiving of this year, and my mom hears about this thing called a Legacy Brick. I told her what it was, and she asked if I would like one. I hesitated at first, thinking that she shouldn't spend that much on a gift for me, but then I thought, how about we make it worth the price and make it something for the family. Now I currently reside in Burbank, California, and I wouldn't be able to see the brick but for once in a while when I would go back and visit Minnesota. But my sister, aunt, grandpa, etc. still live there. So I thought 'Why don't we make it more of a landmark for the family and a way to remember Grandma?' So we made the brick in memory of her. She will now have a great view of the stadium, and the best seat to root on her boys for as long as the stadium is up. And I wanted to say thank you to the Vikings and the Wilf family and the state of Minnesota for helping make memories, for my family and many more. We have a great way for generations of our family to remember a remarkable, loving, caring woman and know which team she cheered for. Also, I would like to say thanks to Mr. Carter for the kind words and support and if there is a way to let him know that one of his best fans is at the stadium to root on the best team, and that he can say hi to her and they can finally meet, I would appreciate it.


Tamara Holm, Apple Valley, Minnesota

My husband, Mark, is a lifelong Vikings fan. We bleed purple in our household! Mark was inducted into the Viking World Order - VWO Super fans! - in 2012 as SIr Hollywood. He is so passionate about Vikings football that it has transferred into our two children, and we hope to make Vikings football a Holm Family tradition for many generations and years to come. My children and I surprised Mark with a Legacy Brick for Christmas, so that he will be part of the new U.S. BANK Stadium, and every time he enters for a game, he will feel like a piece of him is always there supporting his team! 

Carolyn Moore, Omaha, Nebraska

Our parents, Dave and Ellie Carrington, grew up in a SW Minnesota farming community. They were married in 1972, lived in Minneapolis and had their first child, Michael, in 1975. From there they migrated to Brookings, South Dakota, and had their second child, Brian, in 1978. Finally, they headed further south to Omaha, Nebraska, where, Carolyn, their third and final child was born.

From as long as we can remember, the Vikings were an extension of our family. We learned to endure the excitement and the heartaches of each game. We learned to hold our heads high regardless of each outcome and have all remained loyal fans despite the lack of luster of a Super Bowl Championship. As kids, my brothers and I soaked in stories of Fran Tarkenton & Alan Page, and witnessed greatness ourselves from Anthony Carter & Cris Carter, and our current favorite, Adrian Peterson.

My parents have six grandchildren, two from each my brothers and myself, and we pass along Vikings gear from each child as one grows out, and the next grows into another jersey size. Omaha, is a big-small town, we say, and it is littered with bandwagon fans of Super Bowl greatness, but we stand tall and make ourselves known on every Sunday, Monday or Thursday that our team plays and we LOVE connecting with every Viking fan we run into.

My parents have created a legacy that bleeds purple and gold and we hold our tradition as fans very near and dear to our hearts. My brothers, their families, myself and my family thought there would be no greater gift than to make them a permanent part of such a long awaited and well deserved new stadium. Thank you for this opportunity to make them feel a part of the team.

Nancy McBride, Fort Worth, Texas

My two brothers were some of the biggest fans out there. Unfortunately they are no longer here to cheer on the Vikes, but excited they will be a part of the new stadium! My brother, Jimmy, passed away at age 12, many years ago. He was laid to rest with an autographed football signed by Tommy Kramer...his most prized possession given to him while he was sick.  My brother, Steve, passed two years ago but not before he was able to swear at the TV one last Sunday afternoon (2013 season).  This is an awesome way to pay tribute, thank you!

Laurie Herman, Albert Lea, Minnesota

We are so excited to be able to honor my husband and our father, Ted Herman, with a Minnesota Vikings Legacy Brick for his 51st birthday.  He has been a true-blue, tried and true, loyal, unrelenting, and devoted Vikings fan his entire life.  Faithfully, he never misses a game - hosting a game day celebration at his house every Sunday for his friends and family. His weight room or "Vikings Room" as he calls it is strictly dedicated to everything Vikings, floor to ceiling.  However, his love and passion for the team cannot be contained.  The rest of the house, especially the family room, is now quickly sprouting purple and gold.  To say that Ted loves the Minnesota Vikings would be like saying the sun burns slightly above lukewarm. Although the Legacy Brick is Ted's birthday gift, we consider it our gift too. We will get to share in his pride and relish in his smile knowing that he is now not only a fan but an actual "part" of the team he holds so dearly in his heart! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show Ted (Dad) how much we love and admire him.

Trent Lorenson, West Fargo, North Dakota

Met my wife for our first date at a Vikings tailgate! We were born and raised to love our Vikings and that is what brought us together. We do an away game every year and a couple of home games throughout the season! We love our tailgating family and friends! SKOL!!!!!


Jodi Loftis, Albuquerque, New Mexico

My husband and I actually have the Vikings to thank for helping us start our relationship 25 years ago. My husband and I were friends in high school when we soon learned that we were both Minnesota Vikings fans. My husband became a fan because his mom was a fan when he was little. I was a fan because I was born in Minnesota. We would stand together and defend the Vikings against all of our friends. Twenty-five years, 18 years of marriage, and three children later we are still Vikings fans and now have three daughters who sport Vikings gear and pledge their allegiance to the Vikings football team as well. We have watched one or two games up in Minnesota and a few other Vikings games at some other stadiums around the country. We even got to meet Coach Dennis Green and some of the other Vikings players one time when we were up in Minnesota during the Vikings training camp. 

My husband Nick, though, is the biggest die hard Vikings fan ever! We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but we have the NFL football package so that he is able to watch every single Vikings game; he never misses one. My husband will sit and watch every game from beginning to end, yelling, rooting, and physically jumping around the TV, cheering on the Vikings. (It gets a little embarrassing at times.) But through thick and thin, good years and bad years, my husband has never ever faltered in his devotion to the Vikings. Every year he pledges, "Theyre going to be good this year. I promise." When my sister called to tell me about these bricks for sale, I knew I had to purchase one for my husband. Nick is an accountant and started his own accounting firm about 10 years ago. He works his butt off, but rarely asks for anything. He just is one of those people who doesnt ask for much. I am looking forward to surprising him with this gift for Christmas, and hope that we can get up to Minnesota next season to watch a game in the new stadium. Let`s bring home a Super Bowl victory to the next stadium! Go Vikings!! 

Visit***** *or call 844-MN-BRICK to order yours or learn more information.

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