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Transcript: Zimmer, Teddy Address the Media

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

We finished up our last day at Mankato, I want to thank Minnesota State. They've done a great job with their facilities here and welcoming us to their campus. That was a terrible practice. It was not up to my standards and they better get better quickly or there's going to be a lot of heck going on.

Q: What didn't you like about practice?

A: Everything.

Q: You had the team run at practice, have you done that often your coaching days?

A: When I need to.

Q: Today's probably not the best day to ask, but how do you think camp went overall?

A: Yeah, today is not a good day to ask.

Q: Were there any positives today?

A: Yeah, we're going home.

Q: What kind of message did you give to the team as they were walking off?

A: I probably can't repeat it.

Q: Do you think it's because it was the last practice and the team is looking ahead to going home?

A: That's not what good teams do. Good teams don't do that. Good teams focus on the task at hand. They don't care what's happened the last 13 days, they worry about today and they worry about getting better. That's what good teams do.

Q: Did you lean on your veterans to self-police a little bit?

A: I don't know. I lean on my size ten.

Q: Was Anthony Barr held out of today's practice?

A: No, he was out there.

Q: Is he going to play in Saturday's game?

A: I don't know.

Q: Is this something that all of teams go through, hitting a lull?A: I don't know. My team's not going to do this.

Q: What is it about Minnesota State that you like and led three more years here?

A: Well, we have a great tradition of coming down here, the facilities are good, the practice fields are fantastic, the training room is great, we've got a great weight room – everything about it is great. We probably don't deserve to be here if we practice like that.

Q: Besides walk-thru later today, do you have plans or team meetings this afternoon?

A: No, we had a team meeting. We had a team meeting right out there on the field. That was kind of what they did all day today, they had a team meeting. They didn't work.

Q: What was the general message to the team?

A: I can't repeat it.

Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

Camp is coming to an end. I'd like to thank the people at Minnesota State University for their great hospitality, look forward to being back down here next year. It's been a very competitive camp. Just looking forward to moving forward.

Q: Coach Zimmer wasn't too happy about how practice went today. What was his message to you?

A: Well you know late in camp you can't have that mindset where you are just going to come out there and roll out the ball. You've got to just continue to fight through everything. Coach Zimmer, he's a tough coach. He wants everything to be precise in practice and I think we didn't do a good job of that today. We're a much better football team than the way we came out today in practice, but with the group of guys we have in the locker room, I'm pretty sure we will come back later today for the walk-thru with the right mindset.

Q: Do you except to play more on Saturday?

A: Right now, I don't know what the playing time is going to be like, but I'm just going to be excited to get back out there with my teammates to compete against a new opponent. We look forward to just operating, playing fast, starting fast, finishing drives, executing at a high level once we get out there and just staying on the football field.

Q: How has your connection with Mike Wallace grown in this short period of time?

A: The thing about Mike is he works extremely hard and he's very detailed in his route- running. Like he said, we're working together to continue to build that connection and it's only going to get stronger throughout practice, throughout playing with each other out on the football field. As we move forward we just look to continue to build.

Q: What do you think of MyCole Pruitt now that you've had a chance to work together?

A: MyCole, he's a shifty guy to be a tight end. We can line him up at wide receiver, put him in the backfield to block, come out of the backfield to catch passes, things like that. He does it all. He's a great athlete. He works hard. To be a young guy, he's moving along fast in this offense.

Q: What do you think of Jameis Winston as he makes his NFL debut?

A: I'm excited. I'm extremely excited for Jameis to take part in his first NFL game. Although it's preseason, the atmosphere is going to be different than it was in college. I'm pretty sure he's a competitive guy. I watched him throughout his college career had a chance to talk with him when we were in college together, so I know that he's excited and I wish him the best.

Q: Will we be looking at two quarterbacks who could be the future of the NFL this Saturday night?

A: I hope so. Right now though, I'm just in year two and he's in his first year. We have a long way to go. I'm still trying to get better playing in the Minnesota Vikings offense. You can't look too far down the road; you take it one day at a time.

Q: Did you get accomplished what you wanted to down here in Mankato?

A: I think it went pretty good. We definitely got some things accomplished that we wanted to get done down here. We started to build an identity down here – a team that's going to start fast and we want to keep that mindset, keep that identity throughout the course of the season.

Q: What is you comfort level right now in your second training camp?

A: Yeah, you could say comfort level and just knowing my way around. Whether it's the campus here at Minnesota State University or just knowing what to expect when I go out to practice, knowing what to expect in the meetings when we're installing plays and things like that. A year ago I was sitting in the meetings and my head would just be spinning like, "Man we're doing this many plays tomorrow" and to have a year under my belt it just raises the comfort level. But like I said, I'm still learning the game, still mastering this offense and you know I'm not where I want to be.

Q: Do you think virtual reality is helping your development?

A: Yeah, definitely it's going to help, but just being able to get those reps on the football field is going to help even more. It's going to help those guys who aren't even getting those same reps that I'm going to be getting. Shaun [Hill] is in there and I'm behind him watching him in seven on seven. I can then go into the virtual reality goggles and steal that rep that he had and make the decision that he had or if he misses the decision in seven on seven or if I miss a decision, the guys can put the goggles on and make the right read and it's going to help us down the road.

Q: When you see a guy like Terence Newman, do you have to be careful throwing to his side of the field?

A: Terence, he's a smart guy and he studies the game. He's been playing for a while now so he's seen just about every route. And he's one of those guys where you can't beat him on the same route twice. We love that because he makes our wide receivers compete. He makes me compete. He makes our offense better. He makes the defense better. That's the type of guys we want on this football team.

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