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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Wednesday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

Good morning. We're getting ready to play a really good team on the road. Offensively they're very explosive – got great receivers, runners, offensive line plays well. Obviously Julio Jones is a tough matchup. Now, defensively they're very solid, tenth in the league defense – good defensive line, corners are good, have a really good safety, linebackers are fast. It'll be a really good test for us this week.

Q: What did you see from Julio Jones when you looked at the tape of last week?

A: He's a great player, catches the ball, great speed, obvious size, physicality. He's a great player.

Q: With Devonta Freeman out of concussion protocol, what does he bring for them?

A: The backs are a little bit different. He's a physical runner, good start and stop. They're both good out of the backfield, both have excellent speed. We're going to have to pay attention to who's in.

Q: Obviously Case Keenum is the starter for this week. Is there anything that he can do that will make you call name him the outright starter or is going to be week-by-week?

A: We're just going to one week at a time. That's just the way it is. I'm not looking to pull him, but every week is a different week in this league.

Q: In what areas are you continuing to see growth in Pat Elflein?

A: He's done a great job all year long. I think the biggest thing is when he gets up against some of these bigger, more physical nose tackles that he's able to use his strength a little bit more. He's obviously great quickness getting to the perimeter and getting to the second level. He just keeps doing a great job.

Q: Do you think he's pretty far along on the mental part of the game opposed to most rookies?

A: Yes, he's doing great. He's doing really good that way.

Q: When you go against an elite receiver like Julio Jones, how do you see the matchup with Xavier? Are you going to do what you usually do or will you give him some help?

A: I'm not comfortable when I go against a great receiver anytime, but we'll mix things up for him. We're not going to do the same thing all day.

Q: What do you think of how Mohamed Sanu has developed?

A: Yes, Sanu was with us when we were in Cincinnati. Great kid, tough, excellent option runner, good start and stop, size, catches the ball well. Good player.

Q: Did you always see that arm that he had?

A: Yes. He threw five of them in Cincinnati.

Q: How do you feel about the way Latavius Murray is finding his groove?

A: Latavius is running the ball well. I think he is starting to feel a lot more healthy or comfortable, whatever it is. He's continued to do a good job and that will be important this week that we possess the football.

Q:  What do you think has made Atlanta so successful on third downs?

A: They've got good players. Quarterback does a heck of a job. [Mohamed] Sanu and Julio [Jones] are two of the top guys on third downs in the league. They give you a lot of different things. They give you some different routes. They condense it, they move guys around. They won't just line them up in the same place. The quarterback has a lot of confidence in them.

Q: With every team that is near you on the conference standings on your schedule except for Philadelphia, do you prefer it that way?

A: I don't know. The schedule comes out and you just play it. It doesn't matter to me.

Q:  Is Everson Griffen doing anything different this year or in the offseason to free himself up to get to the quarterback?

A: Not really. Same guy to me. He's getting a lot of chips. He's probably a little bit more not worried about getting chips. He knows he's going to get them. He just goes about his business. He's good because he gives them the same thing all game long. At some point he is going to win at some point.

Q: How is Mike Remmers doing?

A: Good, he is going to do a little bit today. He's passed the concussion protocol.

Q:  Mike Remmers is out of concussion protocol?

A: Yes.

Q: Was Mike Remmers out of concussion protocol before the Detroit game?

A: Yes.

Q:  Was it just a case of missing practice time was tough to throw him right back in?

A: It's just what I decided to do.

Q: In your postgame speech, you talked about a three game sprint and how you regroup. Is that something you talked to the team about, this is a natural reset point?

A: I did. I did after the bye.

Q:  You also mentioned you're not just in it to get into the tournament and you are in it to win at home?

A: Yes. That is everybody's deal, isn't it? Go out and win as many games as you can and try to get in and play as many games as you can at home. But we have to win and we have to take one game at a time. Talking about it doesn't do anything. 

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