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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Wednesday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

Q: What is your biggest concern on this London trip outside of football?

A: Outside of football? I don't think I have any.

Q: You think you have it locked down?

A: No, I've never done it before. You just go, try to do the best we can and figure it out. We're not the only team that has done it. It's been going on for years now. Football is my concern.

Q: As you do this, how much have you talked to other coaches and pick their brains about what worked well for them?

A: I've talked to several. I told them my ideas and got their opinions of what I thought. Honestly, it's all going to come down to how we play on Sunday. A lot of teams do all these things and they go over there and get their butts beat. Some teams do it differently and win. Arizona went over for the whole week last week. At the end of the day it's about football and how you execute.

Q: Managing success can be tricky. What gives you confidence with where you're at right now that this club can work its way through?

A: I don't know. We'll have to find out. I like their attitude and I like the way they go about their business. It's a long season. I don't think we've won anything yet. I think maybe that this team understands from past year's experience that just because you start out good doesn't mean you're going to end good. I think they realize that. I think they understand that we've got nine more games to play. We have to play them all out.

Q: You've probably watched a lot of Joe Thomas on film over the years. Is it strange to not see him in there on Sunday?

A: He was in there for a while. Joe Thomas, number one, is a tremendous person. I had a chance to coach against him in Cleveland when I was in Cincinnati. Super player. To play that long and that many reps over the course of time is like Joe DiMaggio, I guess it is, right?

Q: What kind of challenges did he present as a blocker?

A: He's just a hard guy to beat all the time. He was smart, good with his hands, good with his sets. Physical in the running game.

Q: It seems like every week another big name or two is going down in the NFL. Is depth more important now than maybe when you started coaching in the NFL?

A: Yes, probably I guess. I've talked to other coaches about this, too. It seems like especially at the beginning of the year, it seems like a lot of things happen. Then it kind of settles down. I don't know if that's because of the way the CBA is or whatever anymore. At least that's my opinion. It seems like at the beginning of the year, you end up getting a lot of these things happening. Later on in the year, guys kind of get used to things. It's just something we have to deal with now. But yes, depth is obviously very, very important. Being able to overcome injuries at one position or two positions. If you get a bunch of them at the same spot, then that's difficult.

*Q: How do you like the way Pat Shurmur has been managing Case Keenum in terms of what he's able to utilize out of him? *

A: I think he's done a great job. Really, the offensive coaches have done an outstanding job. We've had so many injuries there with the things that have happened. To be able to go out and be efficient, do the things that we can do, execute the way that we can. I think Pat has a good feel with obviously all the quarterbacks. With Case, I think he is able to help him the way he is able to at times settle him down, at times, pick him up. Yes, I think he's done good.

Q: Is Case Keenum starting on Sunday?

A: I don't know. We'll see.

Q: Do you anticipate Stefon Diggs making the trip?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you anticipate Stefon Diggs being ready to play or is it too early to say?

A: He's got a good chance, yes.

Q: How is your offensive line looking?

A: I think we have a chance to get these guys back. I think we have a chance to being fairly close to healthy.

Q: Do you think Rashod Hill's work in the preseason with the first team helped him step in more seamlessly?

A: Yes and no. Obviously it helps a lot. Rashod [Hill] is a guy that the more he is in there and continuing in there, the better he progresses. If he does have to play this week, I think that will help him that he played so much last week. He'll get many more reps this week. He is a guy that needs to continue to get reps in play as opposed to being rusty.

Q: What will go into your decision when to activate Teddy Bridgewater?

A: Pretty much the doctors. I think I know what I'm doing but it's medical clearance at the end of the day.

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