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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Wednesday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

As far as Sam [Bradford], he's feeling better again today so, we'll just see how it goes. If it comes to a time where he can't go, then I'll declare him out. We're just going to keep seeing what he can do and how he can go.

Q: Will he be limited in practice?

A: I don't know, we haven't practiced yet.     

Q: What's the top trait you look for in a backup quarterback?

A: A lot of it is being able to play the game without a lot of reps in practice. Obviously, you've got to take care of the football. I think you've got to be smart. Part of it is, how does he get along with the starter? There's a lot of other factors involved other than just the ability. You'd like to get somebody that's got familiarity with the offense a little bit. Also, that kind of fits in what you're trying to do.

Q: Did Case Keenum have familiarity with the offense?

A: Not really, no. He's a smart guy and he's done a really nice job of coming in. He's been getting a fair amount of reps. He's done a nice job with the things he's done. He's taken care of the football good.   

Q: On Green Bay's last drive against Dallas, did you see any new wrinkles from Aaron Rodgers?

A: Anything new? No. They just let him have the ball, he's too good at that. He beat Cincinnati with 21 seconds left. He beat Dallas with no time left, basically. If he's got the ball in his hands then you've got a chance to end up losing the football game. He does what he does, that never has changed. I've been in the NFL 20-some years and I can't remember a guy that does the things that this guy does. Obviously, we've played against [Tom] Brady and Manning, Peyton Manning, other Mannings, all these guys. This guy, when you combine everything – his arm strength, his intelligence, his escape ability, the way he sees things. I think they should trade him.

Q: Does Aaron Rodgers do anything that makes him tough to bring down?

A: He's elusive and he's so smart. He's knows where the open space is. He knows where the coverage is. A lot time he's just playing with you as far as where he can go. He knows, 'Hey if I can give them a little extra time I'm going to get this'. He knows at the end of the game he tells the tackle 'Hey I'm going to roll out to my left. You pin the guy inside. I'm going to go to my left'. He does that. He's done that against Arizona last year. This year against, I don't know who the heck I was watching, but anyway he does it. Detroit last year. That's what he does. 

Q: Because of everything Aaron Rodgers can do, does he take longer to prepare for?

A: Yes. I think you have to. He can do so many things you have to be on top of everything that you do. He can get the ball out so fast if you pressure him. He sees it and they've got a good scheme. They do a good job of trying to attack the coverage that you're in. I think he has a lot of flexibility and things that he can change at the line of scrimmage. He's great on the hard count. He's unbelievable on the hard count. He gets guys to jump and it's a bad deal.* *

Q: What'd you see from the running back in the Dallas game?

A: Yes. That back [Aaron Jones] we looked at him coming out. We thought he was good. He's got good quickness. He was good coming out of the backfield catching the ball. He was good on the runs, cuts. That gives another dimension. It's different than when they had [Eddie] Lacy because it's a different style of back, but it helps getting the run game going.

Q: What does Aaron Rodgers do to get out of the pocket?

A: Well if you're rushing four guys there's going to be a spot and even in the past when we've rushed five they'll bail out. One guy will get a little too nosey and he'll bail out of there. He's just good. He's got a great spin to get out of there when he feels the pressure. There's a fine line, you either turn it loose and let it go and if he gets out, he gets out. Or you're careful with him and then it's going to slow down your pass rush. You've got to kind of pick your poison with everything. 

Q: You talked a lot about rushing the right way and particularly with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. How quickly would you say this group took to that since you came?

A: Good, Andre Patterson does a good job with that. These guys, like most of the guys on the team, they want to have team success. They understand if they do their job, success will come when somebody else is doing theirs.

Q: What made the Bear's two-point conversion play so effective?

A: It is a reverse-option pass. They got us. We'll get them next time. It was like what they did last year too, throw it back to the quarterback.

Q: Do you expect Stefon Diggs and/or Nick Easton to practice today?

A: I don't know.

Q: What did you think of Kyle Rudolph's touchdown celebration?

A: I saw them sitting on their butts over there and I just asked, "what the heck they are doing?" I don't know. I didn't know what was going on. I know I hadn't seen them practice it. If we score a lot of touchdowns, I'll jump in with them.

Q: Where do you stand on the 'duck, duck, goose' controversy?

A: I am in Minnesota, so I'll go with grey duck. I never heard of that before but I am a Minnesotan.

Q: Have you ever hunted a grey duck before?

A: I've probably shot a grey duck.

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