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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Good week of practice. We need U.S. Bank Stadium rocking this week. Go out and play good and try to get a victory.

Q: Do you put more emphasis on ball security this week with the Bears defense?

A: Yes, definitely. They're number one in the league in turnovers, interceptions. They've been great. They're very good in the back end at having eyes on the ball. Obviously, they're good in their rush.

Q: How much of an emphasis do you put on a fast start on offense?

A: We talked about it. Last week we didn't start fast. The week before we did. They're extremely good on defense. They are very, very good. Quite honestly, we need to start fast on defense as well. Teams have moved the ball on us a little bit defensively and so we need to do a better job coming out of the gates as well.

Q: With Marcus Sherels out, what does the team need to do to on special teams to remain as explosive?

A: The biggest thing is we've got to take care of the football, number one. Then we have to get on our blocks. We'll have some guys in there to try and help with that. The better opportunities we have to flip the field position, the better opportunities there are for us to win the game.

Q: With Eric Kendricks out, how much added confidence do you have in Eric Wilson?

A: He played a lot against Chicago when [Anthony] Barr didn't play the first time. Eric is a good football player and we expect him to do a great job.

Q: When the offense has gotten off to a slow start, can you put your finger on anything why that is happening as to other games when you start off fast?

A: Sometimes it's the defense that you are playing. Last week was we started on the half-yard line so that makes it difficult. We are just trying to get out and dodge a little bit so that limits your playbook quite a bit. A lot of the times it's just the defensive situation that you're in.

Q: How much does getting Anthony Barr and David Morgan back mean as you build your game plan?

A: Barr has done an outstanding job this year. He has played very, very well. He is really an extremely bright kid and Morgan adds a little bit of toughness to the offensive unit so that is always a good thing.

Q: Do you spend more time on Chase Daniels in case he plays later in the game?

A: We spend time on everybody. I think there was three games on Daniels that we've watched.

Q: What do are you excited about Mike Hughes going into next year?

A: It's a little early to be talking about next year but I like Mike Hughes.

Q: Can you take any solace from the similarities from Mike Hughes' injury to Dalvin Cook's time frame of his return?

A: Each injury is different. His injury was different than Dalvin's. It's hard to say.

Q: Is there one thing Chicago's defense does schematically that impresses you?

A: I think they do a really, really good job on the back end of playing complementary coverages where it's hard to recognize exactly what you're getting all the time. Sometimes it's two strong and quarters weak. Sometimes it's quarters, sometimes it's three weak, sometimes it's two man, sometimes it's 11, one robber. But I think they do a really nice job. It's hard to tell pre-snap what they're doing. That part, and they got good cover guys. The two corners [Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara] are good corners. The two safeties [Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos Jr.] are good safeties. That part is really good schematically. The front guys, they just kind of maul you.

Q: What does it require that a quarterback can be able to get through the disguised coverages?

A: A lot of times it's post-snap but it's always continually looking for tips, where you can see things pre-snap. But they do a really good job with that. The corners are sometimes are off and pressed and playing man. Sometimes they're squatting. There is a lot of different things that they do. A lot of the time it has to happen post-snap.

Q: Do you need to have the attitude you had against Detroit with sticking to the run game?

A: We are going to do whatever we need to do to win. If that is throwing that a lot of times, hopefully not 46, and running it 14. But we are going to do what we need to do to try to win the football game. Turnovers obviously, we had three turnovers, they had three turnovers in the first game. That will probably play a big factor in this ball game as well.