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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Had a good week of practice. Big game this week against the Saints on Sunday night. Should be exciting. Fans will be loud. Need them nice and loud to help with [Drew] Brees and company.

Q: How do you handle younger players having a bigger role in a big game like this and do you try to talk to them or get their nerves down?

A: No, go out and play, baby. It's what we do. It's why we do this. It's why we get paid. It's what they live for.

Q:  What has Eric Wilson shown you in the snaps he's gotten?

A: He's played well. He's done some nice things. A lot of times these special teams players turn into good offense and defensive players. He's played well on special teams. He's played well on the snaps that he's had defensively, too.

Q:  What areas do you want to see Danny Isidora improve in the pass?

A: He's got some technique things he's always working on. I'm not going to get into it and it's not necessarily the pass. It's some technique things that he is working on.

Q:  Have you made a decision whether Everson Griffen will play on Sunday?

A: No.

Q:  Are you surprised at how big of a role rookies end up playing for a team year in year out with certain circumstances?

A: Not really. I think every team goes through that. Guys come in and they end up playing. Hopefully we have a lot of depth. We've been fortunate we have a lot of depth. We have good players.

Q:  What kind of challenges does it present the way they move Alvin Kamara the way they move him around?

A: It's a big challenge but they do it with lots of guys. They do it with [Tysom] Hill. They move all their players around a lot. Sometimes they'll have [Mark] Ingram outside. He [Kamara] obviously is a special player. He is a great runner, catches the ball well, good receiver, good in protection. All of those things all make it difficult. You have to be on point.

Q:  Do you see any similarities between Adam Thielen and Michael Thomas with how they are able to win matchups?

A: Yes, I guess so. Michael Thomas is a terrific receiver. He's got, like 63 targets or something. He is a big, physical guy that wants to use his strength a lot of times in routes. I guess that would be a pretty good comparison.

Q: What do you like about Holton Hill's confidence as a rookie?

A: Like I was saying before, these guys come in here to play. They don't come in here to sit. Guys don't have confidence don't usually last in this league. He is not a guy that is afraid. Just go out and play.

Q:  Do you feel pretty good about not having some of your starters and guys stepping in?

A: Yes, we are not going to cancel the game. We are going to show up on Sunday night, trust me.

Q: Did Riley Reiff have any kind of setback that he wasn't out there today?

A: No.

Q: Is Riley Reiff out for Sunday?

A: No, he's doubtful.

Q: What is Anthony Barr's status?

A: The injury report will be out later. Had to try, I know. So you can go do your reports.

Q: How did Everson Griffen move around and get through practice.

A: Good. He did good.