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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on a Conference Call Sunday

Sunday, December 24, 2017 

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer   *

Q: After looking at the film how do you evaluate the offensive performance yesterday?

A: I think the field conditions had a little bit to do with it. We missed a few throws and third downs where we had opportunities we went in other directions, but we started out good and kind of fizzled out there. But, we'll get back going again.

Q: Did the field conditions have anything to do with pass rushers not being able to generate speed?

A: Well, part of it is the quarterback started running a lot so we kind of back the pass rush down to keep him in the pocket, but that had a little bit to do with it. But, mostly about the quarterback running. We had to change during the game and say keep him in the pocket and don't worry about getting a sack.

Q: Are there any roster moves to be made regarding long snapper?

A: I don't know yet. Rick and I are going to sit down this afternoon and talk about it. But there is a possibility, yes.

Q: What's the official word on Kevin?

A: He's got a hurt shoulder.

Q: Will you bring in longer snappers to work out Tuesday or Wednesday?

A: Tuesday.

Q: You will bring in a long snapper to look at?

A: Yes.

Q: Any word on Shamar Stephen's ankle?

A: Yeah, he's doing pretty good.

Q: What was the key to success on the fourth down stops by the defense?

A: I'm trying to remember all of them. Pretty much, we just played good coverage on all of them. They were all big parts of the game. We did anticipate them going for it on fourth down quite a bit in the game. That's typically what happens when teams have nothing to lose. I'm trying to think of all the other ones. [Reporter: Rhodes had one in the end zone and there was another deep shot that Hundley took, I believe in the fourth quarter] Yeah, that was one kind of just a shot in the dark deal. The one with Xavier, he made a good play on it. I was kind of surprised they went back to that side over there to him. They're all important. For us, the fourth downs are really a lot like third downs, with the same magnitude, you either make them punt or you get the ball back. So that was all good.

Q: Is there any chance you bring in an offensive lineman with Nick Easton's injury?

A: No.

Q: What do you do today?

A: Well, we went through the tape from last night, we met with the coaches, the players came in and worked out, lifted and ran. Now we're working on Chicago.

Q: What did you make Nick Easton's season?

A: Nick did a really good job. He's a tough kid, smart, very competitive. We'll miss him. He's very, very athletic. But I thought he played well, really all year long. He had to learn the guard position because we moved him from center to guard early on. I thought he really got better and better.

Q: When you look back at the decision to make him the starting LG, how much do you think that impacted what you could do on offense, specifically the screen pass success?

A: Well, I think a lot. Not just with the screen passes but some of the other things because he could get to the second level and use his athleticism. I think it had a lot to do with it. We got some more athletic guys in there, we were a little bit shorter in stature. I thought it helped our offense quite a bit.

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