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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Monday

Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: Has David Morgan looked ready to contribute more this season?

A: Yes, I anticipate he will. He's doing a good job blocking and he's always caught the ball well, so he should. 

Q: Do you think Latavius Murray is pretty close to being activated?

A: I don't know. He hasn't gotten the okay yet.

Q: Have you had a chance to see Latavius Murray working out on the side?

A: No, not really. I haven't really noticed.

Q: Murray has been through a few training camps, so, is it still important for him to be at training camp?

A: He is a smart guy, but he needs to get out there.

Q: What has allowed Rashod Hill to develop so quickly?

A: Well, he's very talented. Long arms, big strong hands. He still needs to correct the finer details of the things he's doing because he might have four good plays and then he'll have one that is just sloppy and he needs to fix it.

Q: How do you feel about the tackle depth in general?

A: Well, we need to stay healthy, I think.

Q: Are there any steps you can take to help keep the team healthier?

A: Sometimes it's just luck of the draw. Obviously we are doing everything we can in the rehab protocol and the prehab protocol. Also, we are in the weight room trying to keep them strong, but sometimes it happens.

Q: Are you trying to emphasize pushing the pass down the field with more explosive type of plays this camp?

A: I don't know that I am emphasizing it. A lot of it is what the defense is giving you, the protections, and things like that. We always have shots with the deeper throws it just depends if you can get them off in the game.

Q: Does not having that roster cut through the preseason games change the way you evaluate players and do you like it?

A: I like it. I think it gives a lot of other guys more chances to be evaluated with that fourth preseason game. It will be harder on Rick [Spielman] on the waivers when everything happens, but it's good for the players. They get a chance to not just show in a couple of games, but four.

Q: How does Dalvin Cook look in terms of being a pass protector and knowing which assignment is his?

A: Good, he's done good.

Q: How would you evaluate the safety position, especially with a player like Jayron Kearse?

A: Like I said before, Jayron, the biggest thing he's got to do is be able to drop his hips in space and be able to make open field tackles. That will be his biggest struggle. I think he knows what to do now. He's a good athlete, good range, good size, physical. That will be the biggest test for him. Those won't show up probably until the preseason games. You can kind of see a little bit on tape, but if the safeties miss tackles that's not a good deal. 

Q: Why do you think the league has begun to shift to more two-and three-back systems as opposed to one work horse doing most of the heavy lifting?

A: I think it gives defenses a different look when you have a different style of back coming in. It's a lot of wear and tear on guys as well when they've got to do protection, third downs, all those things. There's a lot of backs that do it, it's just based on the player and the team. 

Q: What do you like about Bishop Sankey?

A: He's done a nice job seeing the cuts. I kind of liked him when he was coming out of University of Washington. He's done a nice job, we're trying to run some of these one-cut runs. I think he's done a good job with seeing that and being able to cut back. He's done a good job. He's going to have work in protections. 

Q: Are you confident in the kickers you have out here?

A: I'm not totally confident in them yet. I have to figure out who's it going to be. When we're out here like this, we evaluate them, but when we get some preseason games, when the real lights are turned on, that will be the true test I think.

Q: Do you leave those decisions up to Mike Priefer, or how involved do you get into the discussions?

A: I'm involved. He gives me his opinion and I give him my opinion and we come up with a plan.* *

Q: Is there a point of emphasis moving forward going into the second week of camp?

A: We've got the first eight practices scripted. So, when we come back those first four days we've got other areas that we're going to work on.

Q: From a health perspective, what does the day off provide?

A: I think it'll be good for the players. They banged pretty good yesterday and the day before. I think it'll be good for them to get off. For the rookies, they've gone seven or eight days straight. Some of those guys are sort of dragging a little bit. It'll be good for them.

Q: What will be the biggest transition for Danielle Hunter moving into a starting role?

A: Probably playing the run. When he's in the six-technique, that'll be the biggest struggle for him.  

Q: If he's getting more snaps, does that allow him to set up offensive lineman a little more?

A: No, unless we know it's a pass. We play run first and then pass. I don't think that will.  

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