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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Friday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

Okay, we're going to need our crowd here nice and loud here on Sunday. They're no huddle, they get on the ball, snap it. Got to try and confuse them as much as possible. It will be a great test for our football team. They're excellent on really all three phases. Should be a heck of a football game and we're ready to roll.

*Q: With a team that has so much no huddle on tape and does not vary their personnel that much either, what kind of challenges does that present for you? *

A: They don't do it all the time, they just get up and go. They've drawn a lot of people offsides. We're going to have to be smart about it, hopefully the crowd will help us.

Q: In your experience with John Sullivan, how has he been able to help quarterbacks diagnosis defenses?

A: John's really smart. He's really brilliant. He sees stuff. I'm sure he's got notes on everything that we've run against him in the past. He can not only help the quarterbacks, but the offensive line.

Q: Did Mike Remmers suffer a setback with the concussion?

A: Yes.

Q: Is he out for Sunday?

A: He's out.

Q: What's your assessment of Rashod Hill and the time he has gotten?

A: Good. Yes, he's done good.

Q: Is Andrew Sendejo out?

A: Yes.

Q: What about Brian Robison?

A: No, he's not out.

Q: What do you see about the differences that Jayron Kearse can bring versus Anthony Harris?

A: They're different guys. One's got a little more physicality and other one's a little more coverage.

Q: Thoughts on Terence Newman getting some play at safety?

A: Terence is a defensive back, he's not just a corner or nickel, he does it all. But he's done it. He's started games at safety before, he's started games at nickel, so we just use him when we need him. 

Q: Is some of that just because Anthony Harris was dealing with an injury coming into that game?

A: Some of it.

Q: How did Everson Griffen come through the week?

A: Good. I think he's ready to go.

Q: Is he going to be questionable again?

A: Questionable.

Q: What was the purpose of outdoor practice today as to the two practices inside the last two days?

A: I wanted you guys to come out in the cold. I wanted to get them off the turf. We've been on the turf for two days. It's hard on your legs. We might have the doors open Sunday, who knows.

Q: Are you going to have the doors open on Sunday?

A: Who knows.

Q: Was Andrew Sendejo's injury on that fumble return?

A: It was bothering him a little bit before.

Q: What does Michael Floyd need to do to make more of an impact?

A: We have different packages, different receivers, different guys get in and get out. Not really anything different.

Q: With the stretch you have coming up, is this a tough game where will you really find out what your team is made of at this point in the season?

A: I think I know what this team is made of. I think the second week or the first week if it was a must-win game. We just go out there and play each week and try to get better. It's a long season. We're barely half way through. We just keep going and I'll let you guys decide if this is our team or not.

Q: Do your emotions ever change when it comes to big games like this with the records of the teams?

A: They're all big games. My emotion is pretty much the same. They're all big games.

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