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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Friday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

Q: Stefon Diggs, do you expect him to play?

A:  He's questionable.

Q: What challenge does Jordan Matthews present in the slot?

A:  He's a big, physical guy. He catches the ball well. He's tough [during the] run after the catch. He has got really good speed. So, it'll be a good test. They do a lot do nice things with the slot players – some double moves, some underneath routes. They do a nice job on the bubbles with blocking and things like that. So, it'll be important for us, defensively, to make sure that we [tackle well]. And the other Matthews [Ryan], we have to tackle him, too. He's a big, hard-running back. We're going to have to do a good job tackling this week.

Q: With Sharrif, did he have a setback, is he coming along slowly or what do you expect?

A: I don't expect anything. I just go along with it.

Q: What have you seen from the rookie right tackle, Halapoulivaati Vaitai?

A: He struggled a little bit early but got better. They helped him with their backs and tight end, chipping. So, I'm sure they'll do some more of the same things. He was at TCU. I was at this workout when I was down there.

Q: Can you say his name?

A: It's a 'V,' big 'V.'

Q: Do you feel the running game has made progress?

A: Yeah, it's still a work in progress. We've still got to get better there. It's hard to remember back to Houston, but our biggest thing right now is to eliminate the negative-yardage runs. If we can do that, then I think the running game will be better, but we've had some second-and-14s or it's third-and-nine because we get a three-yard loss on second down or whatever it is. Those are situations we're trying to eliminate.

Q: I know it's year three in the system, but what has impressed you most about your secondary this season?

A: They don't make too many mistakes, and we don't tend to bust coverages very much, which shouldn't happen anyway. But, they challenge guys, get up and cover them pretty good. I think they communicate well.

Q: When you look at the defensive stats, defensive third downs, it gets better and better week to week. What have been the factors that have gone into that?

A: I'm trying to think back, defensive third downs. Last week – two weeks ago, whenever it was – we had them in a lot of third-and-real long [situations], so you tend to be pretty good there. I don't know. We kind of try to do the best we can each third down and figure out a way to stop them. I think it helps when the corners are covering better on third [down], which they have been I think the last three or four games. So, I think that helps a lot.

Q: How has Jake Long looked?

A: Pretty good. 

Q: Do you expect him to get some snaps on Sunday?

A: I would think so. We'll see.

Q: Is he up speed enough to where he could handle starting?

A: Yeah, he could.

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