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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

This is going to be a great test for us this week. San Francisco is a very good football team. I think we are excited to get out there and get the season started. We are hoping that our crowd is very, very loud when they are on offense so we put as much pressure on them as we possibly can.

Q: Was there any part of you that is curious how this first team offense will play?

A: I'm anxious and curious how this team is going to do. Every year is a new year and we have to go out and play good.

Q: Do you see it that this is almost the same team as last year?

A: It's funny because two years ago everybody was saying we weren't going to be very good because we were 8-8. I saw the 11-5 team that was here the year before. This team, I see the same way. We have a chance to be a good football team if we do the right things. We have to take care of the football. We have to run the ball and stop the run effectively. You have to be good on third downs, all of those things. Really, what it comes down to is coming out here and executing the things we've been practicing.

Q: Do you see Tashawn Bower and Stephen Weatherly having an increased role at defensive end?

A: They've been here a few years so all of the guys that have come out here are ready for roles to play. Everybody that is active on gameday is expecting to play.

Q: What did you like about Stephen Weatherly in the preseason?

A: He is a smart guy. He is a tough guy. He works hard. He has improved.

Q: Do you ever feel like you have the wind at your back in the NFL?

A: No, I always got the wind in my face. I am always saying a couple extra clubs.

Q: Do you have any good Fred Zamberletti stories?

A: No, just the people here have talked about him so much and how much they respected him and what he's done for the organization. Bob [Hagan] can tell you all the stories about him more than I can.

Q: With Aviante Collins hurting his elbow, could that potentially make Brian O'Neill tackle Sunday?

A: I don't know.

Q: Are you more nervous for the season opener compared to other games?

A: No, they said I've been pretty grouchy this week though. Hey, it's the regular season. No more Mr. Nice Coach.