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Trade Back Thursday: Moving for Maxx?

It's draft season. Forget Throwback Thursday, how about Trade Back Thursday? Under GM Rick Spielman, the Vikings are known for their shrewd-but-trade happy tendencies in the NFL draft. As such, will look at potential trade back options on Thursdays from now through Day 1 of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Scenario: Having traded All-Pro TE Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks earlier in the offseason, the New Orleans Saints have their eye on a new playmaker at the position – former University of Minnesota Golden Gopher Maxx Williams. The Saints, who have a surplus of picks (nine total) and can make a deal, are motivated to move up to the Vikings spot at No. 11 because the Cleveland Browns are sitting at No. 12 and they lost their stud TE (Jordan Cameron) this offseason, too.

The much-referenced NFL trade chart suggests a move from No. 13 to No. 11 for the Saints can be a simple one in which they surrender a 4th-round pick. But the Saints don't have a 4th-round pick this year, so they must get creative in their proposal to the Vikings. In addition to that, the Vikings can leverage the Browns and their need at the position to increase the price of doing business for the Saints.

ProposalVikings receive: No. 13 overall pick, No. 31 overall pick and a 5th-rounder (No. 154)
Saints receive: No. 11 overall pick, a 2nd-rounder (No. 45) and a 4th-rounder (No. 110)

This deal would not net the Vikings additional selections in the draft, which is unusual when trading back, but it would secure a fourth consecutive draft with multiple 1st-round picks. Essentially, the Vikings will have upgraded their 2nd-round pick to a 1st-rounder (jumping from No. 45 to No. 31) at the expense of dropping two spots in the 1st round and flip-flopping from the middle of the 4th round to the middle of the 5th round.

Would you accept the deal? Or would you hold your ground and take a player at No. 11?

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