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Throwback Thursday: MVC Power Team Round 2


On Thursday, August 27th, the MVC completed our second Power Team test of the season. Power Team nights are dedicated to a series of tests that must be completed in good form and within the time limit.

We start by running a 5k in under thirty minutes. Then, we have to do at least 3 chin-ups and then hold a 2-minute plank. After that, we must complete 40 sit-ups in 60 seconds, 30 push-ups in 50 seconds, and hold a 2-minute wall sit. Our 50yd bear crawl has been updated this year, and has to be completed in 20 seconds instead of 30. Then we run the 100yd dash in under 16 seconds, and 120yds of killers (10, 20, 30 and back) in under 26 seconds. And the new test this year is kick-butt-kicks. For this, we line up in 4 kick lines, and while the front row is doing the kick set, the back 3 rows are running and kicking their butts. Then the front line runs to the back and the second line begins to kick. We do this two times through.

Other than being strong and having stamina, we must also be flexible. In order to make Power Team, you have to have flat splits in at least two directions. One way to motivate us to improve our flexibility is the Banana Splits club. In July and December, we spend a few minutes out of each practice to test our splits. If you have flat splits all month, you get a Banana shirt!

To make Power Team, you must pass every test. Each time after that, you also have to improve in at least one category to make it again. What a fun way to keep challenging yourself! This time, we had 21 of our 35 girls make Power Team!

My favorite part about Power Team is the personal challenge. Since we are only competing against ourselves, an atmosphere of support and encouragement is created; making you want to push yourself even harder. I think Power Team also brings us closer as teammates because we are cheering each other on the whole time. I love being a part of a team that values hard work, dedication, and ambition. We are constantly striving to improve, and that kind of work ethic is contagious! I admire the hard work everyone puts in to get to this point.

I am also thankful for our awesome Lifetime Fitness trainers who keep us strong and healthy so we can complete Power Team and look great on the field. Thanks Ryan and Andy!



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