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Stefon Diggs Would Enjoy Test Drive in U.S. Bank Stadium

The Vikings are set to open U.S. Bank Stadium on Aug. 28 by hosting the San Diego Chargers, but Stefon Diggs told radio host Jim Rome on *The Jim Rome Show* that he plans of getting in the stadium sooner rather than later.

Diggs told Rome that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater plans to get a group together and get some work in before the games begin.

"I've heard great things about it but haven't seen it inside with my own eyes yet," Diggs said. "But me, Teddy and a couple of the other receivers are planning to go down there soon and throw it around a little bit just so we can get a feel (for it)."

Diggs is coming off a solid rookie season in which he led the Vikings in catches (52) and yards (720) while catching the second-most touchdowns with four.

Rome praised Diggs' first season as a success, but the humble wide receiver said he has plenty of work to do.

"I firmly believe that last year I didn't play to the best of my abilities just based off of whatever reason," Diggs said. "I'm not making excuses. I want to be better and I plan for it to be better."

So where can Diggs improve?

"It's so hard to say because I was young and I was learning as I was going," Diggs told Rome. "But at the same time, I don't want to give an excuse for myself just to say I was young.

"This next year, I plan to make things a lot better as far as preparing the right way and doing things how I know they should be done," he added.

Diggs' toughness and work ethic also was brought up, as Rome recalled a 2014 game against Penn State in which Diggs lacerated his kidney while playing for Maryland.

Diggs said he played through the final quarter in pain although he didn't know how severe the injury was.

"Knowing that you're hurt and you're still playing for your guys, they respected me and always appreciated me," Diggs said. "Everybody who has played football has had an injury and knows how it feels to be out there.

"My injury was pretty significant," he added. "But all I wanted was to earn respect from my guys and that all I want to be, to have the respect of my teammates."

The 22-year-old Diggs said he loves playing for Head Coach Mike Zimmer.

"As a coach, he prepares you for everything, every situation you're going to see," Diggs said. "He does everything the right way, he works the right way and he instills it in us. 

"You come in, you get things done the right way, and that's how our business is supposed to go," he added. "He has the tenacity and a fire that you love seeing. It kind of turns up everybody, so everybody loves him."

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