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Stefon Diggs Adds Yoga to Offseason, Wants to Show Growth as Player

Stefon Diggs said "yes" to yoga this offseason, but was one-and-done with hot yoga.

The same of the latter might be true for his adventures in the kitchen.

Diggs returned to Minnesota this week and spoke with reporters during the* ***Minnesota Football Honors Awards Dinner** on Sunday before he and teammates opened their **voluntary offseason workout program** at Winter Park on Monday.

"I've really just been training. I picked up yoga, like I said I would," Diggs said providing an update of what he's done since his rookie season ended. "I tried to do cooking a little bit and almost burned my house down, but it's all good, so I just stuck to yoga and working out and traveled a little bit."

Diggs simply said he was trying to cook an "easy dish" when things went a little awry.

His transition to the NFL, after being selected in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, seemed more velvety. Diggs led the Vikings with 52 receptions and 720 yards and finished second with four receiving scores last season. Diggs was named Vikings Children's Fund Rookie of the Year.

For the fourth consecutive year the Vikings recognized the 2015 winners of the Minnesota Football Honors on Sunday.

Without the specificity of preparing for the combine or stress of wondering about the draft, Diggs has been free for three months to design a fitness and training plan based on what he thought he could improve before his second season.

He and several teammates, receivers and tight ends, also joined quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in Orlando for some pitch-and-catch drills earlier this month. Bridgewater, who is heading into his third pro season, organized the sessions to work on routes and timing.

Diggs said it was a "smooth" operation orchestrated by Bridgewater, and Adam Thielen also said it was beneficial.

"It was a good time to get some timing down with Teddy, get the group together, see the faces and start working out together," Thielen said. "He set everything up, organized everything and did a great job of getting us out there and leading the show. It was awesome. He had a structure and we were in and out. It was great."

Thielen, who posted career highs of 12 catches for 144 yards in his second season on the active roster, was also honored Sunday as the Vikings Special Teams Player of the Year.

Diggs, Thielen and the Vikings want to take another step forward this season, after improving from a 7-9 mark in 2014 to an 11-5 showing to win the division title last season.

"It's more so about everyone getting better. If I can do something better, I want everyone to be on me," Diggs said. "Throughout the year everybody was accountable for one another. It's a brotherhood. We just need to put more time together. This was Teddy's second year. He's getting a lot of experience, and my main thing is to show growth, show I can be consistent and play at a high level all the time.

To that end, Diggs is pretty open about looking for areas where he can further elevate his game.

There's one activity, however, he won't consider going forward.

"I'm not doing any hot yoga," Diggs said. "I did it once, and it's horrible."

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