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Spielman Explains Vikings Trade Out of 3rd Round

EAGAN, Minn. — The Vikings on Friday traded out of the third round to the fourth round and acquired a sixth-round selection from the Buccaneers.

Minnesota sent the 94th overall pick to Tampa Bay and received a fourth-round (102nd overall) and sixth-round selection (180th).

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman explained his first trade since the 2018 NFL Draft started.

"I just feel with the way our board looked and getting that second overall pick in the fourth round, we can still get the same player we would have probably taken at the bottom of the third," Spielman said. "We got another sixth-round pick, I think we have seven [selections] going into tomorrow."

After being at the end of each of the first three rounds, Spielman said he's glad to be at the top of the fourth round.

"When you're that high in the fourth round, you have the opportunity to take the best players left for that day or you could potentially move back and even pick up more potential draft picks," Spielman said. "We met a little bit on the potential guys; we have two names up there that we'd be happy with either one, or we could potentially move down again and accumulate more picks, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow."

Spielman said the Vikings received interest in the third pick from multiple teams.

"There were maybe one or two guys that we would have stayed in the third round [to get], but they were taken," Spielman said. "At that time, looking at the board, I knew there were plenty of options to trade back to get an extra pick and to still get the player that we would have taken tonight."

Spielman also was asked if the Vikings tried to move up in the second round.

He said he didn't want to tap into any 2019 picks.

"The other thing, moving up there, you are talking about [giving up] a fourth-rounder which we didn't have at the time," Spielman said. "You have to be careful on moving up to go get one of those guys, but is it going to cost you more opportunities to pick up players.

"We feel all of those guys were all very good players, but I also felt there was an opportunity someone had to come down to us," he continued. "We were very excited that Brian [O'Neill] fell to us. After that, there were a lot more offensive linemen that started to go. I knew if we didn't take him there, there was no chance we were going to get an offensive lineman by the time we were picking in the bottom of the third."

The draft will resume at 11 a.m. (CT) Saturday. Minnesota will open the day with one selection in the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds and four selections in the sixth round.

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