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Presser Points: Zimmer Says Vikings 11-Game Season Starts with Eagles

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. –As far as the Vikings are concerned, they'll be kicking off an 11-week season when they face the Eagles at noon (CT) Sunday in Philadelphia.

Zimmer has consistently emphasized the importance of taking one week at a time, and he reiterated it to his players when they returned to practice Monday after their Week 6 bye.

"I think it's 0-0 now, and we start a new season," Zimmer told Twin Cities media members. "You just forget about what has happened in the past, and we start moving on."

While the Vikings are the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL, Zimmer's message is that it's early in the season, and a team should never become complacent.

"For us, I think it's an 11-game season, and we'll see where we're at then," Zimmer said.

Here are four other topics Zimmer addressed during his podium session:

Bradford's Philly connection

When asked if the Vikings will tap in to quarterback Sam Bradford's knowledge of the Eagles playbook after spending the 2015 season and 2016 preseason with them, Zimmer said he feels that it's an "overrated" emphasis.

"Obviously we're going to ask him," Zimmer said. "I think we have to execute what we do."

Zimmer said it's sometimes proven a disadvantage to have that type of intel on a team.

"Some games we get signals from other teams and things like that, and a lot of guys don't play well when they know that stuff," Zimmer explained. "We typically kind of just play and do what we do and don't worry too much about the other team. Obviously we're always going to look for tips and how we can help the players. A lot of players play better when they focus on their keys and focus on the things that they do."

Facing Carson Wentz

After Philadelphia traded Bradford to Minnesota, rookie quarterback Carson Wentz was named the Eagles starter. Wentz has garnered attention over his first five NFL games, recording 1,186 passing yards with seven touchdowns against one interception and a passer rating of 99.9.

"I think he has done a really good job," Zimmer said of Wentz. "It seem like he understands where the ball is going quickly. He has done a nice job of avoiding pressure in the pocket and using his athletic ability, and he has got a great arm. He looks very accurate to me. He has got a great deep ball."

Added Zimmer: "He has been impressive."

It's not about the stats

Heading into Week 7, the Vikings currently rank No. 1 overall in scoring defense. True to fashion, Zimmer said it's not a stat that he's ever focused on with the team.

"Obviously we don't want them to score," Zimmer said. "I think so many other things get factored into that – how you play in the red zone, are you giving up big plays, how are you on third down. I think all those things are a combination of getting to the scoring defense. To me, it's a product of the other things that you do defensively."

Zimmer worries less about stats on a page and more about his team executing plays the way it's been taught.

"I've never talked to them about [being] number one in defense ever," Zimmer said. "For us, I know it sounds cliché or something, but we just try to work on the process of guys doing their job, being in the right place and making plays."

A productive bye week

While the players enjoyed some time off, Zimmer said he and the rest of the coaching staff spent the bye week looking at ways to continue improving.

"We got a chance to look into a five-game self-scout and things we feel like we need to get better, things we need to improve and what we're doing well," Zimmer said. "I think it was productive, hopefully."

Zimmer said areas he hopes to improve on include coverages and eliminating plays for a loss offensively.

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