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Presser Points: Turner on Clay Matthews, Edwards on Danielle Hunter

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. –Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner, Defensive Coordinator George Edwards and Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer spoke to members of the media on Thursday as the Vikings prepare to host the Packers for a *Sunday Night Football *home opener at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The game will be a rematch after Minnesota dethroned Green Bay as division champ in the final week of the 2015 regular season.

Here are two topics covered by Turner:

Bradford building chemistry with receivers

Quarterback Kyle Rudolph has continued to be hard at work learning the Vikings playbook. Outside of the classroom, however, he is building a rapport with receivers.

Turner said the increasing chemistry between Bradford and his teammates is the most significant step forward.

"He's getting comfortable with our players," Turner said. "Each guy is a little bit different, and I think you get reps with them and start to get more comfortable."

Turner also added that, in addition to studying Green Bay's defense in the meeting room this week, Bradford puts in extra hours with quarterbacks coach Scott Turner on increasing his comfort level with Minnesota's offense.

The case of Clay Matthews

Turner said Green Bay boasts a talented defensive front and is a skilled pass rush team. One of the biggest defensive weapons the Vikings offense gears up for is linebacker Clay Matthews.

The Packers line Matthews up at multiple spots, but he plays outside linebacker in their base defense.

"He's just an outstanding pass rusher," Turner said. "He's not a one-trick pony. He's got a lot of different ways to work a tackle, and he takes advantage of those things and then does a good job of looking at what a player doesn't do well or what a player's weakness is, and he attacks it."

Here are two topics covered by Edwards:

Consistency key for Danielle Hunter

Edwards has been happy with what he's seen from defensive end Danielle Hunter throughout preseason and in Week 1, when Hunter cashed in a recovered fumble for a touchdown and sacked Marcus Mariota.

According to Edwards, consistency has been the biggest key for Hunter.

"You see the big plays that he makes, but just the other plays where he's executing a technique that we want him to do, he's playing sound, fundamental football and understanding rush lanes," Edwards said. "He's added to his tool box as far as rushing the passer and being able to exhibit those things when we get to a game situation."

Edwards said he feels like he can count on Hunter "down-in and down-out."

Jordy can be job for Vikings defense

Having wide receiver Jordy Nelson back on the field after missing all of 2015 with a torn ACL could cause a difficult challenge for the Vikings defense. Edwards said quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Nelson seem to always be on the same page when they're on the field together.

"They have a good connection," Edwards said. "That really helps him as far as those two being on the same page, understanding what they're trying to get done route-wise, understanding what they're trying to do if it's a run, then all of a sudden you stem the safety down in coverage, and he's able to get the ball out to him, and they're able to connect.

"I think that makes him a lot more comfortable with him and what they're trying to get accomplished," Edwards added.

Here are two topics covered by Priefer:

Locke continuing to improve

When asked about punter Kevin McDermott, Priefer said that Locke had a solid training camp and preseason and that the biggest thing he's looking for out of the punter is consistency.

"He had three opportunities on Sunday. Two were really good punts and the one was, it didn't kill us, but it was a 36-yard net; he has to do better in that situation and he knows that," Priefer said. "We keep working with him on his consistency."

Priefer said he was extremely happy with Locke's production while practicing in the fieldhouse Wednesday.

"He had three or four kicks over five seconds hang time," Priefer said. "So he's hitting the ball very well. I told him, 'You made a mistake, Jeff. Cause now we expect that from you every time.' So he's got the leg, he's got the talent, he has to be focused and be more consistent for us."

Believing in Blair

Priefer said there's no doubt in his mind that Kevin McDermott will continue to be Minnesota's kicker, and he believes he will continue to make big kicks and put up points for the team.

After Walsh missed two field goals and a PAT at Tennessee last week, Priefer said he told Walsh that "he's too good of a kicker to miss the type of kicks he's missing."

The first field goal was from 37 yards and the PAT distance is 33. The other miss was a 56-yarder just before halftime.

When Walsh rebounded and made four successful field goals for the Vikings en route to a 25-16 win over the Titans, Priefer said that opportunity was important for Walsh.

"I think that really helped him get over the hump," Priefer said. "That's what we've been focusing on this week. We've been very positive. He kicked really well yesterday indoors. We're going to kick with the team outside, and we'll do some work indoors again today. He has his confidence back, he just has to not think so much and go out and do his job."

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