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Postgame Quotes: Chargers at Vikings

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Lot of new experiences here in U.S. Bank Stadium. I thought there were a lot of good things; there's obviously still a lot of things to correct. I thought we did a nice job with the lines today, protecting the quarterback and running the football better. Defensively, I thought we played the run better. The one long touchdown was my fault, poor call. And then you know, we created some turnovers; we have to do better in the redzone offensively. We didn't do good enough down there when we got down there, and then we turned the ball over a few times. We got a lot of things to correct and that's a good thing. We have a short week coming up. Tuesday we got a good work day. We have a lot of things that we're trying to get done. I thought Teddy [Bridgewater] played well today. Hope I don't get any questions about his arm. Other than that, fire away.

Q: You got the two- minute opportunity there at the end of the first half.

A: Yeah, that was good. It was nice to be able to score with [Kyle] Rudolph in there. You know the fans, the fans were great today too. They were nice and loud. Like these people here, walking out to the field through the bar here. It's an experience but hopefully it was a good fit. Can they get me a drink? This is going to be rough. We're not going to be able to do this all year.

Q: Can you talk about the three throws Teddy [Bridgewater] made in getting into the redzone?

A: Yeah, he made a nice throw, I believe it was Charles Johnson, on the inside breaking route. Good throw to [Stefon] Diggs on the sideline other there and another great throw. I told you there was nothing to worry about, and sometimes you just have to trust me.

Q: How would you assess the protection?

A: It was pretty good. You know we're missing [Matt] Kalil today and so there was a couple situations where we had to do help over there on that side. But you know, it's still always a little bit of a work in progress, but I think when we give this kid time to throw the ball, you can see what he can do with it.

Q: Helps to get the run game going early? You've had some struggles in the first two preseason games.

A: This week we worked real hard on it; we've been working real hard on it and we'll continue to work real hard on it. I heard, former running back, he was talking about all these teams in the preseason; they have walk-thrus in the running game and it doesn't get you to the point where you're physical and coming off the ball and pounding somebody. We were pretty physical last week in practice and we spend an awful lot of time with it so we're going to continue to do that because it will make us more diverse as we get going, especially when we get Adrian [Peterson] in there.

Q: That long touchdown, is there anything the safety could have done?

A: Well you know what, he had the tight end man to man so. We had a free guy and he went and tried to tackle the quarterback instead of tackle the running back. I could have made a better call at that time. You only get to blitz on the first play of the game in a new stadium one time so I figured might as well.

Q: How was that series of events of Mackensie Alexander? The drop, the pick, getting the flag.

A: Lot of ups and downs there wasn't it? I love this kid, honestly. He's going to be a handful until I get him squared away, but I love this kid. He's a competitor, he works, he studies, he fights, he's made some interceptions here in this offseason. I would much rather have him that way where they're going to go in there and I have to pull the reins back than the other way. He'll learn; he told me he was sorry. He'll learn; he's just a young guy. You can't take away his athletic ability or his heart and those are the two things that I want to keep going.

Q: You started Joe Berger, he played the whole first half, John Sullivan didn't play. What's going on now with the center competition?

It was really more of a thing that, we've seen [John] Sullivan in two preseason games. [Joe] Berger hasn't played center in the two preseason games. We talked to him yesterday. We hadn't seen that combination with him and [Brandon] Fusco together. That's really what it was.

Q: Did you see a good example of Treadwell's skill set in that two-point conversion and is that something you're going to do more of, go for two?

A: Each situation is going to be different. We talked about it. I talked to Norv [Turner] about going for two when we have those opportunities. It's just more plays, opportunity working the redzone, things like that. But it was nice to see him, he made a couple catches. He had a nice inside breaking route down in the redzone and then the two-point play. It's good to get him involved. He's going to be a good player. He's a lot kind of like Mackensie [Alexander]. He's a competitive guy, works real hard, does a nice job.

Q: You've been preaching takeaways, was today a good example of how that can be done?

A: The thing about turnovers is, if you can get them and you're doing things right you have a chance to - I don't know if blowout the team is the right word - you have the chance to get bigger leads because you're going to have more opportunities with the football. That was a good example of the things we did today. Unfortunately today we did it on our side of the ball too.  

Q: What is the status of MyCole Pruitt?

A: He's having an MRI. We don't know what it is yet.

Q: What about Antone Exum, Jr. and Michael Griffin?

A: Exum had an MRI but there was nothing yet. Michael Griffin's back locked up on him.

Q: What was the reason for Danielle Hunter starting in Everson Griffen's spot?

A: Nothing. Everson will be the starter. Just having a couple of issues and he'll be fine. Kind of like I said with Teddy, I'm going to err on the side of caution with some of these guys. But Danielle is going to be a good player and it's good for him to get out there and get more reps.    

Q: Was it encouraging to see Sharrif Floyd out there playing into the third quarter?

A: Yeah, you know he only had like 13 plays in the first half so that's why we just gave him a few more plays in the second half, because he hadn't had any time.   

Q: Were you able to judge how Sharrif did?

A: No, I have no idea.

Q: After all the buildup and ceremonies that you had to attend here, did it feel good to get out here and take in the whole scene?

A: You know, it's a new experience for us too. Like I said when we went to TCF, we had to try and make it a home field advantage. There was a lot of new things that happened today with the stadium and all the different things. Kind of still trying to find things, I couldn't remember where this room was. I think it's good and now I think we can start feeling more comfortable about just coming in here and getting going. As always, if you play good you make it a home field advantage and then you get the fans like these people here. If you play good, they'll help you out.   

Q: Anything you observed from the stadium that you didn't see on Friday?

A: Yeah, there was a few. I had to ask where the timeouts were a couples times. Cause I didn't see those little dots that were under there. That, obviously there wasn't a bunch of people when you walk out to the field so that was a little bit different. Fireworks and getting used to the big screen, I guess a little bit. I mean, it's a beautiful place, it's just getting used to everything.

Q: Was the footing what you expected?

A: I talked to some of the players and they thought it was good. So, I think it's fine. There might've been a couple slips or something, I don't know. But that happens all the time. 

Q: How did the noise affect communication?

A: It wasn't too bad. I thought the crowd was loud today. I think it'll be even louder the next time we come in here. It should be a pretty exciting time. I thought the acoustics as far as the crowd noise was good. 

Q: Have you gained clarity with what you want to do at the second safety spot?

A: I think I have an idea. I know you guys have to ask me but it's important that I tell the players where I think they are before I tell you guys.  

Q: What can you say about the decisions that go into cutting the roster down to 75?

A: Tomorrow will not be a real fun day. Cause all these guys have come in and busted their rear ends. The good thing is I think we have some good football players. There's going to be an opportunity for them to go somewhere else and play. A guy like Justin Trattou who two years ago was on the practice squad and then a year ago he didn't make the team. Then he got an opportunity to play down the season and now he has a nice day again today. Those kind of guys are great success stories that just continue to believe in their goals and their dreams. It may not be with us but they're good guys and they work hard. Hopefully when they leave here we have taught them something about the game of football, about how to be a teammate or techniques, how to play, different things.  

Q: What's your assessment of the offenses performance in the red zone?

A: Well it's not very good right now. We need to get better at it for sure. I thought we did a great job getting down there but we gotta come away with touchdowns. We're going to reevaluate again, we're going to keep working at it just like we did with the running game. We gotta do better. I think most of the time we play pretty good red zone defense. But if you don't allow a team to run the ball in, the area that they have to throw in is so condensed that it makes it difficult. But we have to figure out some more ways to get some scores.

Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

It was a great atmosphere and it's just great being back out there. Talking about opening the gates, great job today by the guys out there today just coming out and flying around. But the fans, they deserved this the most and it was great to go out and play in front of them. Today was unbelievable. I can't imagine what's going to be like on a Sunday night game against the Packers. It was a great atmosphere and environment. I can't wait to be back out here next week and play all year long.

Q: Walk us through those three throws in the 2 minute drill in the 1st half?

A: It was just great execution right there and understanding the situation. We were in a 2 minute situation and the biggest thing that we did was that we had timeouts. We didn't waste our timeouts in the first quarter with near delay of game (penalties) or substitutions. For me it's just (about) getting the ball to my guy, allowing those guys to make plays and those guys having the awareness of the clock along with understanding the situation. Whether it was to Charles (Johnson), (Stefon) Diggs or, Kyle Rudolph) Rudy, all those guys did what we wanted them to do and executed on those plays. It resulted in a touchdown.

Q: On the play before, which was the 3rd sack of the day, what seemed to click after that timeout?

A: Like I said it was a 2 minute situation. When you're in a 2 minute situation you don't want to take those sacks, but like I said, we had timeouts. So even though we took the sack we had the timeout and time on our side. It allowed us to continue to be aggressive and push the ball down the field. The offensive line did a great job of finishing that drive, which resulted in a touchdown.

Q: Assuming that you won't play Thursday, are you ready for the regular season?

A: We still have practice this week and there's always room for improvement. So we're going to take advantage of this time these next four days and then we have the week to train and practice for the Tennessee Titans. We're going to prepare because preparation doesn't stop until the ball kicks off September 11th.

Q: Did you see Kyle Rudolph's touchdown?

A: Yeah, I saw it. I just anticipated the throw and I saw the linebacker coming from the weak side. You know Kyle is a big target. He makes it easy for a quarterback to be able to throw across the middle of the field. He went up there made a great play and finished it with a touchdown.

Q: Are there any moments when you're on the sideline when you noticed new things in the stadium?

A: Definitely. Every time I come down here I notice something different. It just stands out. This facility is unbelievable. I was on the sidelines just looking around and I noticed so many different things. The biggest thing I noticed was the fans right behind us on the sideline and it was great. You get to interact with the fans and I love it. 

Q: Take us through your long rushing play.

A: You know when you have a guy like Adrian Peterson on your team to hand the ball off to in practice, you take notes. When you get an opportunity you go out there and be like, 'hey I want to be like Adrian Peterson right here and make this guy miss.' I have a mindset and a mentality that you can't make everybody miss, but I wasn't going to let that guy bring me down. Sometimes plays break down and I feel like I have the ability to keep plays alive and that was one of those plays.      

Q: It seems like you kind of get an outdoor feel in the stadium, what is it like on the field?

A: It's amazing and you definitely get that outdoor feel. For instance, today the sun was shining through the ceiling and it felt like outside. That's a good feeling, you get to work up a good sweat and it's just a great atmosphere.  

Q: The first 2 drives seemed to go really well then they kind of stagnated in the end zone, what happened?

A: Well for one, if I would've hit the throw to CJ (Charles Johnson) I think it's a different conversation. But we just have to finish drives. You know field goals don't always win games. It was a great job by Blair (Walsh) finishing the drives for us, but we understand that touchdowns put teams away. Especially on opening drives when you go down and get points, you set the tempo of the game. Then if you go down and score a touchdown after a Harrison Smith interception, you just take all the momentum and now you continue to put your foot on the gas. We just have to continue to work and get better in that area. Like I said, we still have room for improvement, so we're going to use this week of practice to get better in that field. Come September 11th we want to make sure that we're executing.    

Q: The fact that it's the preseason and not a lot of game planning goes into it, does that play any part in it at all?

A: Not at all because we have plays that we work on in practice and plays that are designed for us to have success. You just have to continue to work in that area and get better.  

Q: Was that 2 minute drive as efficient as you possibly could get?

A: Yeah, it was amazing being able to put together a drive like that right before the half. We almost got the ball back again. It was great. You take momentum going into the half and now your defense gets to go out there in the second half maybe get a three-and-out. Now you're back on the field. Then you just keep putting your foot on the gas.

Q: Did you put that throw to Kyle Rudolph right where you wanted it or did he go and get it?

A: I put it right where I wanted to (giggles) and like I said Kyle is a big target. He makes throwing the ball across the middle much easier. He makes great plays for us.     

Q: It seems like you guys have a regular season mentality, do you?

A: Definitely. You know the biggest thing is that you don't always get second chances, so we have to maximize every opportunity that we get. Kyle was hard on himself after he came off the field and I went over to him, gave him a thumbs and said, 'hey we're going to come back to you and you're going to make a big play for us' and he did just that. We can't always rely on having a second chance. We have to make sure that we maximize it and are taking advantage of every opportunity.

Q: What were you doing on the sideline when Mackensie Alexander got his interception?

A: Man, I was excited. I'm excited when all those young guys are out there being able to compete. Talk about Terrance Plummer making a big hit on the punt return. Then Jayron (Kearse) catches another interception. The ball just seems to land in his hands always. Then you see Mackensie, he just went up there and make a play. But he has to be much smarter because you can't afford to get penalized or anything like that. It was some good takeaways from today, but we also have to continue to get better. 

Q: What can you say about the young guys and what they've done on offense?

A: It's a group that's eager to be great. A group of guys that are trying to make a name for themselves in this league and we're excited to have them. 

Vikings Safety Harrison Smith

Q: What's the most important thing to you in terms of the skill set that you want out of the guy next to you at safety?

A: It's not really up to me. I just show up and try to do my job. I think if you're playing safety on this defense you're tough, physical, smart, a good tackler. It's the kind of stuff you can say for any position. I think we'll be fine.

Q: You've been around Andrew Sendejo for a while now. How has he grown as a player in his three years that you've been together?

A: He's been solid ever since I got here. Before he was even playing much defense he was our best special teams guy. He's done nothing but make plays on special teams and defense since I've been here. That's what I know you're getting out of Sendejo, a guy who's going to make plays.

Q: Getting the first interception at U.S. Bank Stadium, what was it like to get that one under your belt?

A: It doesn't count. There's still zero interceptions here. Hopefully I can say that in a couple of weeks.

Q: There's been a lot of talk about what the crowd noise would be like once the fans got in here. What did you guys think?

A: It was great, especially for a preseason game. It was loud, and you can tell that it's going to get pretty loud. That's what we're hoping for as a defense especially.

Q: On your pick, you were laughing halfway through it. You looked like you were having fun out there too, as well as being focused.

A: Having fun, I think when you're playing fast, you're making plays, and you're winning, that's what having fun is, is winning. I wouldn't say I was laughing during the play though, but after. We're a pretty close team, a lot of good chemistry and a lot of good friendships on the team. We like to have the guy next to you having success. Barr came over and jumped on me, making me laugh. We have fun making plays and watching our guys make plays. 

Q: How about when you see a kid like Mackensie Alexander, he missed the first one, which was more of a gimme than the second one.

A: He made a great play on the ball, it's nice to see the young guys, Kearse as well, get their hands on the ball. It's good to see that.

Q: You've been in here a couple of times. Does it feel like home yet?

A: It's starting to. It's only my second time in here, but the way the fans are, it's cool that they're so close. They really get to be a part of it. Like what we were talking about, it's going to be very loud, but that's what we love.

Q: How's the turf? Do you need to make any cleat adjustments?

A: No, just the normal cleats. Most of the field turf is pretty consistent nowadays across the league. Pretty used to it. 

Vikings Safety Jayron Kearse

Q: How much can the crowd and environment help the defense?

Oh, it can help big time. When teams are out there on offense and that place is rocking, they can't make the right checks and we're getting delay of game [penalties]. They're trying to communicate and can't. The guy next to them can't hear them, so it definitely can help us and be a great factor for us the rest of the season. 

Q: What did Coach Zimmer want you to accomplish in the preseason and have you done it?

Really, just communicate, go out there and play football, cut everything loose, don't go out there and make the same mistake twice. That's really something I tried to take out there throughout training camp and the preseason; when I make a mistake on one thing, don't make it again.

Q: What was the emotion of getting an interception in front of the home crowd?

It was crazy. I got the wind knocked out of me (when tackled after a return), so I didn't really get to enjoy it how I wanted, but it was a great feeling.

Q: What was it like to have an interception in the same game as former college teammate Mackensie Alexander for the second time this preseason?

When one of us makes a play, the other feels like he has to make a play. That's my brother.

Q: What was it like being a part of the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium?

A: It was amazing. They had the place rocking and it was just a preseason game, so I can just imagine how it is as we get through the regular season. It was amazing to be able to walk out there. It was a blessing. I was happy to be out there.

Q: What was it like playing in front of this crowd?

A: It kind of reminded me of the crowd I played for in college. You know just having those guys around me and encouraging me as the game went on after making that play as well as getting rowdy with me and just celebrating kind of reminded of that. It kept me going a little bit, but I was ready to keep on going because of the type of energy I was getting from my teammates. 

Running Back Jerick McKinnon

Q: Can you talk about your big run?

A: I wish I could've scored. It's all good. It's just a testament to how hard we have been working at the run game. We put in constant work day in and day out.

Q: What kind of football player are you now compared to last year?

A: I've changed a lot. I'm settling in. Just trying to do what I can as quick as possible. Not waiting to get into a rhythm. Attack when I make my decision. I'm a lot more aggressive than last year.

Q: Can you talk about the blocking on that long run?

A: Just great blocking from everyone. That's credited to the five guys up front and my man Zach Line. He made a great block on the linebacker and I just followed him through the hole.

Q: The first two drives ended with field goals. How can the offense get more consistent scoring touchdowns?

A: We've just got to execute. We got to find a way to put up six. That's something we are going to work hard on. We are going to clean that up before our first real game. We know we have to get better.

Q: Was it just a mental thing or how do you work on executing?

A: I don't know. That's something for the coaches to figure out and I don't know everybody's specific model within the plays. No matter what happens we got to find a score.

Q: How good did it feel for you to break loose?

A: It felt good. It felt good to break loose and run. I just kind of wish I scored. There are things that I can take from this game and get better at. I just got to watch the film.

Vikings Defensive End Justin Trattou

Q: First game at U.S Bank Stadium, tell us what it was like to play in this stadium?

A: It's awesome man. I've played in pretty much almost every stadium in the league. This thing is by far the best one I've ever played in.

Q: It's crazy when you realize you're sitting inside with all the sunshine.

A: Yeah, it's beautiful man, everything from the locker rooms to the little bar scene (Delta Sky 360 Club) on the way out. It's really, really cool, man.

Q: You had quite a game today, what made you so effective today?

A: Sticking with the same technique we've used in every game. Playing hard, playing what I see. I'm not trying to do anything too crazy and letting the plays come to me.

Q: You're one of the people that has a Super Bowl ring. What do you see about this team that makes you so optimistic for a championship run with the Vikings?

A: I think we have plenty of talent and we have gotten better each week, from the first OTA to now. We have to continue on that path. The ultimate goal is that ring, no doubt about it.

Q: One more preseason game here on Thursday night, what are the types of things you are looking to clean up before the season starts?

A: Just try and clean up, you know, watch the film, go watch the film, see what we did wrong. Nobody plays a perfect game, so make some corrections, keep on, keep on making plays. 

Vikings Tight End Kyle Rudolph

Q: That two-minute drill at the end of the half, was it good to end that way?

A: Absolutely – good for us to get that work. We hadn't had a two-minute situation in the preseason. We do it all the time in practice, but to get some live action out of it was good for us, and I don't think we could have executed it any better, starting with Teddy (Bridgewater) back in the pocket.

Q: Can you talk about Teddy's three big throws on that drive?

A: Yeah, the biggest throw, I think, of the two-minute drive was the six (route) he threw to Charles (Johnson), the big in. He steps up in the pocket, gets hit and puts it right on the money. That kind of got us rolling.

Q: Is he improving in situations like that? Is he getting more and more calm?

A: I don't think it's possible for Teddy to get more calm. Since the day he came in against New Orleans as a rookie, that's the way he is. His demeanor never changes – never gets too high, never gets too low. That's what makes him so special as a quarterback, and I think you can just see his play continue to get better and better, and (he's) making some big throws for us.

Q: What did you think about his move on that 21-yard run?

A: I had a pretty good seat right there, about on the numbers, and I knew there was no way that guy was going to tackle him. (There was) way too much space, and he doesn't get enough credit for his shiftiness. He put a good juke on him and got a first down.

Q: Is this stadium going to work? You want to keep it?

A: Yeah, I think it'll be all right. We can get used to winning here.

Q: What about the new stadium, just the atmosphere and all that stuff?

A: It's incredible. I can't wait to get out there against the Packers and really open this place for real. Just the environment and atmosphere we had today for a preseason game was one, if not the best, that I've been in for any game. So, it's exciting, and we can't wait to break this place in for real. 

Q: On the fumble, is that a good play, or do you just need to go down there?

A: No, I need to go down. That's 100 percent on me fighting for extra yards, and when there are two guys around you, you can't afford to try to get one guy off. So, for me to make a big catch on third down, (I've) got to get down and move the chains.

Q: Do the shadows get weird on the field at all when the sun comes out?

A: None. It's amazing how light the place is with no shadows. You feel like you're outside the whole time, but there's not an angle in there – at least that I've found since we've practiced on Friday and played today – where a shadow was an issue.

Q: Was the noise good?

A: Yeah, it was great. Thankfully for us, it's usually quiet when we're out there, but I'm excited to be on the sidelines a few times when it gets really rocking for the defense.

*Vikings Cornerback Mackensie Alexander *

Q: Describe that whole sequence, the drop, the pick, the penalty?

A:  The drop, it was too easy so I dropped it. I was like, I could not believe he really threw the ball. I was all over the guy, but he threw it anyway. That's the league. In college they would have not done it but in the league they will throw it anyway and make it happen. So the second one hit me with a double move inside. He tried to get me inside and I read it and jumped and made the play. It was harder actually. The first one was easier. I caught the harder ball.

Q: Do you think you did much to warrant the flag?

A: It was my first home game. I am a young guy who was just amped up and made an exciting play and was just juiced up. I kind of have to keep that check a little bit, you know, but it is alright. If it got flagged, then I pretty much deserved it.

Vikings Guard Alex Boone

Q: What did you think of the turf?

A: It was good. I thought it was a little more bouncy than normal, which is good. 

Q: 66,000 people for a preseason game, just getting a little taste of what you'll get.

A: Exactly. You kind of knew that was going to happen. Fans were excited, and I don't blame them. First game in the new stadium, it's awesome. I'd say though, when we get in the red zone, you got to be quiet.

Q: Do you have a favorite feature for the building?

A: Probably that it's a dome and it gets really loud for our defense. You have to enjoy that, being an offensive guy, that you're not in that. It was loud.

Q: Where does your offensive line stand if you had to give a grade right now after game three of the preseason?

A: I think we got a B, a B-. It's so hard because you're not really game planning a team, but that's not an excuse obviously. But you go out there and you put up some good yards rushing and some passing, but you still get the quarterback hit a little bit, we got to clean some things up and we know that. We're not where we want to be right now, but we have to be by Tennessee. 

Q: It was a long time ago, but do you remember being in the Metrodome, how does that compare?

A: I do. It was way louder here I thought. New stadium, people probably turn up, I get it.

Q: You mentioned the red zone a little bit. What went wrong on the first two drives where you guys kind of stalled at the end?

A: The one we gave up that sack, which was completely on the offensive line. The other one kind of sputtered out. Things like that can't happen. If you want to be a championship team you have to score within the red zone; it's a difference of four points. That can be huge in big games. There are things we have to clean up and get better at, but I'm pretty damn good with how today was.

Q: How do you go about things from here?

A: You go find out what the problem is. It's hard to know the problem when you're on the field, because things happen so fast. When you stop and take a look at it, you have to admit that there's a problem in order to fix it. I think that's something that we can do.

Vikings Defensive End Brian Robison

Q: Where are you right now in your mind, thinking about Tennessee?

A: I think we're in a good spot right now, I think there's some things we still need to work on. We had one play today, they just kind of got out on us. Other than that I think we're doing  the right things and headed in the right direction where we want to go. We just got to keep that attitude up of going out every single day and bringing our lunch pail and making sure that we're going to be tougher and smarter and more disciplined than everybody we play.

Q: The D-line has been together a long time. This game actually felt like for the first time a regular season game?

A: Yeah, absolutely. We feel like we've been hitting on all cylinders for a while. We did a lot of great things in OTAs and we picked it right back up when we got to training camp. I think we've been headed in the right direction for the last few weeks. We just got to keep moving forward. The thing I love about our group is that no matter where we're at, no matter where we feel like we're at, we're always striving to be better. We have a room full of guys that has that attitude of going out and working hard every day and making sure to be even better than the day before even if practice was perfect. We're trying to figure out a way to make two, three, four practices perfect. It's a good group of guys that we got.

Q: Is it that kind of cool for you to see the younger guys get a taste of the interceptions?

A: Absolutely, because people know that in this league you're only as good as your weakest link and if we can bring those young guys along, like Mackensie and those guys, and bring them along and there's no drop off when they come into the game for somebody or something. That's what really makes good ball to us. It's not only your first 11 guys that are out on the field, it's those guys that can come in and give guys rest, things like that. When you have that type of depth, that's what really makes championship football teams.

Vikings Wide Receiver Charles Johnson

Q: Can you talk about the two minute drill?

A: Coach Zim does a good job stressing in practice situational football. We do two-minute a lot. When I saw the time winding down I was like, "we might get the ball back for two-minute." That was a situation that, as a team going into the game, we knew we wanted to work on. Even if we had to get into two-minute earlier in the quarter we wanted to at least work a two-minute drive. It was good. Just something that we have been doing in practice and we just went out there and got it done.

Q: On the throw to you, Teddy took a big hit. Was that good to see him make that play?

A: Teddy, that's how he plays. He is going to trust us as receivers and he's going to trust his linemen. He is going to stand in there and take a hit if he knows he can make a play off it. That's why he's one of the greatest under pressure. Nothing phases him. He's just going to stand in there and take it.

Q: Was it good to see Teddy make some big throws after not playing last week with a sore shoulder?

A: Yeah. Teddy was just the same Teddy. Throughout this process he maybe got a little sore or whatever. It's just good to be back out there and have our team back out there. We need all the guys on deck. We are just going to keep working hard and get the job done.

Q: Do you find yourself looking up at the scoreboard ever?

A: Yeah. That big old screen, it's crazy. They are so nice. The quality and everything, you can see everything. It's good. It's pretty cool.

Q: Do you think the shadows will be an issue?

A: I'm not really sure. I have to test it more on deeper passes where you actually have to look up at the ball and things like that. In our indoor facility, it's kind of hard to track the ball because it's brown. That prepares us for stuff like this because it's really hard to track because the ceiling is brown so it blends with the ball.

Vikings Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Q: What are your expectations going into this year?

A: I hope I have the best year of my whole life. It might be my last year. You never know when it's your last moment, so all you can do is give it your all and play like there's no tomorrow. It might be my last year here or they might give me an extension. My motto is go out there and do what I have to do. I love being here so I'm just trying to ball out and make some plays.

Q: What did you think of those three straight throws by Teddy to you in the first half?

A: It was good. Teddy's getting more comfortable each and every game. The line gave him protection and Teddy's doing what Teddy does. Teddy make a hell of a play when he made that juke move out there and got 25 yards. That's Teddy being Teddy. I told him he has to teach me that move. I don't know where he had that up his sleeve.

Q: How did it feel being back there returning kicks?

A: It felt good. It's funny because I asked for it a couple days ago. I wanted to return it 107 yards, but that wasn't happening. It felt good to be back there. The fans were so loud, I hope it's like that every week. Everybody enjoys when the fans are like that. 

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